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old school green goddess dressing - anywhere?

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I've been making my own at home and am wondering if anyone has had any around town. With the revival of a lot of old school drinks and dishes, I'm curious. It is SO GOOD!

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  1. The Melting Pot has them as a dip for the fondue, not as a dressing for salads...but perhaps they'll provide you w/a larger portion if you ask....

    1. i'm pretty sure it's on the menu at Lucques and Tavern. you could always call both places & ask.

      8474 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

      11648 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049

      1. Tavern sells it in their Larder. Animal has it on the menu.

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        1. re: jaykayen

          Does Animal always keep Green Goddess on the menu, or does it come and go as their menu changes from day to day?

        2. We had it at The Buggy Whip by the airport. My mom said it was exactly the same as when she used to eat it there 40 years ago...


          Buggy Whip Restaurant
          7420 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

          1. Wasn't Green Goddess dressing Tracton's 'claim to fame'? I thought it originated with them. Another sorely missed eatery (sigh).

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            1. re: mucho gordo

              Tracton's still exists just a bit south of us down in Solana Beach.


              1. re: Servorg

                That's got to be the same one. I just didn't remember the name "Red", it was simply called Tracton's. Thanks, Servorg.

              2. re: mucho gordo

                No green goddess salad dressing was invented in SF.


                1. re: SeaCook

                  Thanks, SeaCook, I just learned something.

              3. Del Conte's in Torrance had the best green goddess and king crab legs

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                1. re: WSB

                  Yea and Prime rib too...but no more..wish someone would open a place like that in Southbay area..

                  1. re: flylice2x

                    Try the Buggy Whip in Westchester off of the 405 and La Tijera. They have the best Green Goddess that I have ever eaten. And the rest of their food is great also. It is a little pricy but you can go in and buy the green goddress and take it home. I lived around the corner and would do it all of the time. I am telling you I have never had anything that even got close.

                2. Try Billingsley's on Pico, in West L.A.

                  Billingsley's Restaurant
                  11326 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

                  1. There's a very nice one at First and Hope.

                    1. The Velvet Turtle used to be my place of choice for GG dressing.

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                      1. re: sparkareno

                        Houstons and its' sister spot the South Beverly Grill use Green Godess on their cole slaw.

                      2. Once a useful answer, now a bit of useless nostalgia: the late Henry Moffett's on Lakewood in Bellflower offered a very good homemade GG as accompaniment for their fries. Boy, was that ever good! When I first checked out Moffett's in Arcadia I was hoping for the same, but no such luck.

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                        1. re: Will Owen

                          Tavern Green Goddess is beyond fabulous! So glad it is again available. Off menu for a few months and missed it. The recipe is in the Sunday Lucques cookbook. Damn good.
                          "Take your salad from ok to WOW with our green goddess dressing. Made with some of the best herbs from the farmers market, this dressing is packed with flavor!"

                          8474 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

                          1. re: Will Owen

                            GG w/fries? I'm going to have to try that...maybe w/GG from TJ as suggested somewhere on this thread!

                          2. Trader Joe's has a bottled dressing named just "Goddess". This is very good and has become the standard dressing in my house.

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                            1. re: Sharuf

                              That sounds good to me. Going to have to check that out today (my wife loves GG dressing).

                              1. re: Sharuf

                                Sharuf...we agree! The Trader Joe's "Goddess" is surprisingly delicious!
                                I say "surprisingly" because we have not found any bottled dressings over the years that we all like...until this one. Most bottled dressings seem to take on a rancid flavor quickly...after just a few days or weeks in the refrigerator. This one doesn't last long enough to get any funky separation or off-flavors.

                                Yes, Servorg, give it a try and report back, please!

                                1. re: liu

                                  I still intend on getting some and trying it - and when I do I'll be sure to come back with a "review" of course. (and I have no good - or even poor - excuse for why I haven't done so as yet)

                                  1. re: Servorg

                                    "(and I have no good - or even poor - excuse for why I haven't done so as yet)"

                                    "Salad dressing" -- for sure, a top item on everyone's priority list!

                                    1. re: liu

                                      lol...Well, I do try and surprise my wife with items like this, so really it ought to have been higher on my priority list. One issue is my shopping hours are really crazy. I tend to go shopping for groceries at 4 AM - so Ralph's is my destination of choice (no other local choices being open then!).

                                      1. re: Servorg

                                        "I tend to go shopping for groceries at 4 AM"
                                        _ _ _ _

                                        Yaaaawn! That's insane!!!
                                        I wonder if the Asian markets are frying dumplings in the aisles at that hour?

                                        1. re: liu

                                          I don't know about the vagaries of trying to shop in the Asian markets at that time of the morning, but even at Ralphs it's like trying to negotiate an obstacle course with boxes and palates and yellow crime scene tape and waxing machines at ever aisle blocking my way. I feel like a kick returner in football trying to zig zag my way to the end zone. I've even had to learn how to use the intercom to announce my arrival at the check stand since there is no one there at that hour when I've finally finished shopping.

                                          1. re: Servorg

                                            "...yellow crime scene tape and waxing machines..."

                                            Servorg, you're very, very funny! You certainly have a different shopping experience from many of us! Seriously, I find Ralph's quite boring. Now I understand...by the time I shop there in the afternoon, everyone is exhausted from all the 4:00am activity!

                                            Back to topic: I'll be anxious to hear how you like the Trader Joe's Goddess dressing!

                                            1. re: liu

                                              Okay, purchased some "Goddess" dressing at the new TJ's on Olympic Blvd. Now I just have to make something to try it out on. What about using it for dipping vegetables? Or as sandwich spread? Next, the "Taste Test!!!" lol

                                              1. re: Servorg

                                                It all works!

                                                It was our artichoke dipping sauce the other night, and I used it -- mixed with a peanut sauce -- on Chinese noodles...a little went a long way.

                                                When I use it on lettuce, I like to squeeze some lime juice on at the last minute, after mixing the lettuce with the dressing. The citrus cuts the Goddess dressing nicely. Without the citrus, I find the Goddess a little thick.

                                2. re: Sharuf

                                  The Trader Joe's Goddess dressing is really good, but totally different from Green Goddess (both the Kraft Green Goddess and the Trader Joe's Goddess dressings are in my fridge right now.

                                3. Wasn't green goddess invented by the original Lawry's California Center??? Look, if you ate it there back in the day, you'd want to eat it everyday!!! Do yourself a favor and get a seasoning packet and whip it up!!! If not, head over to the Lawry's on LaCienega and ask for it... I think they might sell it...

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                                  1. re: J.B.

                                    J.B. Please see my previous post. GG dressing was invented in SF for George Arliss the actor not by Lawry's.

                                  2. My favorite is Penzey's Mix using homemade Mayo...


                                    1. i believe the Buggy Whip in Los Angeles has it.

                                      Buggy Whip Restaurant
                                      7420 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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                                      1. re: sadiegirl

                                        Foxy's coffee shop in Glendale has it and may even claim to be its originator. It's exceptionally good, fresh made, and available for sale to go. The rest of the food at Foxy's is also quite excellent. It's on Colorado, near the corner of Central.

                                      2. Folks, we've split off a recipe for making Green Goddess dressing to a new thread on our Home Cooking board. You can find that thread here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/737898

                                        1. Every now and then Eva will have it as part of their sunday supper. On a lettuce wedge it is SO good, I could eat just that for dinner!

                                          1. Craig's on melrose has a salad with green goddess dressing. My boyfriend eats it every time we go there. He said its the best. I can't comment because I just might be the only Mexican who doesn't like avocado.

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                                            1. re: Jacquelynn

                                              there is no avocado in green goddess dressing

                                              1. re: budlit

                                                Right you are. Chow recipe can be found here: http://www.chow.com/recipes/28742-cho...

                                                1. re: Servorg

                                                  The late lamented Velvet Turtle restaruant green goddess dressing had avacado in it. So yes some green goddess dressing recipes have avacado in it


                                                  1. re: SeaCook

                                                    We went to the Turtle for their individual beef Wellington entree with the "Duchess" potatoes. We still lament the passing of the Turtle...(and I think the addition of avocado to GG dressing is not typical AFAIK).

                                                    1. re: SeaCook

                                                      Seacook: and green food coloring

                                                      1. re: SeaCook

                                                        I asked Craig and they do indeed put avocado in their green goddess dressing. I googled "green goddess avocado" and just under a million recipes for GG dressing w avocado in it came up so it can't be that uncommon...

                                                2. Virbrato Jazz Grill

                                                  1. At Last Cafe in Long Beach