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Jul 6, 2010 11:29 AM

Dunkin Donuts Flatbreads

Just experienced these for the first time and I'm shocked. How the heck does a panel of board members or taste testers approve this for human consumption. Secondly, who thought of their packaging?

Here's my assessment after buying one grilled cheese and one turkey, bacon and cheese flatbread. $3,5o for a half a sandwich. Fair. Cheese - tons of it. Taste - nonexistent. The flatbread itself is like the worst microwave pizza imaginable. The cheese has no taste at all. The turkey and bacon was very salty, but not in a good way. Then the little wax paper that isn't wax paper. I was ripping the cheese off and trying to eat this while driving was more dangerous than texting. It was like the cheese was some miracle caulk that bonded to everything.

Needless to say it was my first and last

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  1. For some reason, I tried one of those things a few months ago. It really sucked. Why do these chains think they need to be all things to all people? DD was perfectly fine when it was donuts, crullers, and coffee. Even the bagels are not horrific (by chain standards). But these flatbread things are disgusting.

      1. I must be weird. The DD eggwhite veggie flatbread is my fast food breakfast of choice.

        That said I've never tried any of the others nor have any real desire to.

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          I love the egg white veggie flatbread! Every so often I just HAVE to have one!