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Jul 5, 2010 03:18 PM

Nathan's Hot Dogs Availability

I am doing a driving trip of the South soon, and coming back through Nashville -> Ann Arbor -> Toronto. Hoping to buy a bunch of Nathan's on my way back - what stores should I be looking out for? I don't have a CostCo membership, do any regular supermarkets carry them?

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  1. Most supermarkets will carry them, especially in upmarket and Jewish areas. The natural casing version is hard to find, but skinless are widely available.

    1. I wouldn't bother looking up north. I once tried a half dozen or so places between the Ohio River and the bridge in the I - 75 corridor.

      Wal-Mart has them in Alabama as does Publix.
      Publix carries a few varieties, natural casing style included. They're your best bet.


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        Thanks, sounds like I can do well in Nashville. I hope to not replicate your hunt!

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          I picked up a bunch of natural casing at a Publix just north of Nashville, thanks for saving a lot of legwork! That's a pretty nice supermarket, have never heard of it before.

          I have since grilled up some dogs, and they taste as great as I remember.

        2. As others pointed out, Nathans natural casings if you can find them, otherwise the skinless are good. Juicy w/ some snap, but not like a natural casing frank. I picked up some Nathans and Hebrew National to try side by side and the Nathans edged the HN, but the HN was a close 2nd.

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            I did the same comparison and all 3 of us thought that the Nathan's won hands down.


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              We *heart* Nathans...can't find the natural casings here in SWFL but we love 'em anyway...grilled...they have to be grilled and blackened...cheap yellow mustard for me and a dab of dill relish...toast that bun on grill please while yer at it!

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                Too bad you can't get them where you are. I've heard they are available in Florida at a big supermarket chain. Publix perhaps? If not they may have the natural casing Sabrett. Val, I enjoy your posts and for some reason thought you were from New Jersey. Did you ever live here?

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                  yes, born in Hackensack and moved to 'Jersey Shore when I was 10 (Eatontown)...too funny! Have been in SWFL since 1988... still have family in 'Jesey! Publix is where we buy Nathans but I've never seen them in the natural casings here...but there are a bazillion Publix here in Naples so maybe I just need to find the right store! Thanks!

          2. If your travels take you through New Jersey, you will be able to get the natural casing version. Pathmarks have them as well as a lot of Stop & Shops and Shop Rites. Today mw wife and I did a tasting of Hebrew National (skinless), Sabrett (natural casing), and Nathan's skinless. I would have preferred the ones with sheep casing, but my wife grabbed the skinless as they were on sale for $1.99. These are usually $4.99. All were excellent. We liked the Nathan's and Sabrett slightly better than HN, but it depends on what kind of spicing you like. Nathan's & Sabrett were equally good, but I gave the edge to Sabrett because of the casing. Nathan's seemed to be spicier. also a little juicier/greasier..

            My favorite natural casing beef dog is Best's, but you can only get these at their factory or the restaurants that serve them.

            I post here and other forums a lot and give opinions and rate dogs. But the ones I like are all in the same league and they are all quality beef dogs. Put Boars Head in with these. My schedule doesn't allow me to go to Best Provisions that often. What I usually do is see which beef dog out of these super market dogs are on sale and stock up. Boars Head never is. I buy these once in awhile. But Best's, Sabrett, Nathan's, Hebrew National, and Black Bear (only sold at Shop Rite) are frequently on sale. You can't go wrong with any of these brands.

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              Good advice as always. And if you find a ShopRite, you may hit real paydirt...they recently had (and frequently have) both the skinless, and the fantastic natural casing Nathan's franks for a REAL bargain price of $1.99/pkg. I picked up a bunch a few weeks ago last time they went on sale
              They have become my standby favorite lately. I like the texture of their franks...a little more substantive and not as "balogna" like as other brands tend to be more and more. They are very nicely seasoned as well...not as mild as other franks, yet not over the top either.