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Jul 6, 2010 10:07 AM

Rockland, ME Lobsterfest

Have any of you chowhounds been? I plan on going this year, but have read some negative reviews. Is it something I should skip?

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  1. Went to day one last year and enjoyed the whole scene. They have an amazing system to cook so many lobsters, a huge tent where you can grab a seat and dig in. Husband loved the boiled lobster platter and I thought the lobster salad was excellent! They have entertainment at various locations through the day and lots of vendors with fairly predictable wares, t-shirts, candles, etc. If you can be in the area, go for the experience of it all.

    1. I agree, we went 2 years ago and had a wonderful time, the events were fun, the lobster sweet and tender, the entertainment was great, lots a great vendors and the people who put it all together amazing!

      We will be in Portland during that weekend and I am working on the hubby to drive up for one of the days!

      1. An interesting perspective was provided in a somewhat famous essay by the late David Foster Wallace that was originally published in Gourmet.

        1. I also say go for it. Sure, it can be a little kitschy, a little carnivaly, but there's a ton of lobsters going through the worlds largest lobster cooker, and that's a pretty amazing sight in itself. Plus Rockland is a great place for a weekend anyway, even if you tire of the Festival itself.