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Jul 6, 2010 09:43 AM

10 year anniversary - one night to do it up.

In August, my husband and I have one night in the city to celebrate our anniversary. We will be staying at The Standard in the Meatpacking District. (We used to live in Chelsea and love downtown). Some of our favorite dinners have been at Cru, Tocqueville, Gotham, EMP. We now live in Miami and are out of the loop of where to go in the city. Would love to try something new. We are open to Italian, Seafood, New American, European. Nothing stuffy. Romantic a plus. Suggestions please. Thank you for helping me make our night special!

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  1. I really like Degustation (it's romantic). Though they changed their menu a bit from the last time I went so I can't say for sure how it is now, but I was wowed by all 10 courses.
    EMP is a favorite on the boards so maybe you can go there again and try other things on the menu?

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      Degustation may not be everyones definition of romantic. It's bar seating only and it's an open kitchen.

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        im probably automatically thinking it's romantic because when I went I was surrounded by couples.
        here's their website for the OP to see what the setting and vibe is like.

      1. If you've already dined at EMP, I highly recommend Bouley (it's in Tribeca); I love the food and decor. I find the service very attentive. I'm celebrating my birthday next month at Bouley.

        1. Daniel is pretty special. Deb and I celebrated our 36th there last week.
          Definitely not stuffy.

          1. Have you already booked? All the foodies I know have been raving about Marea, though it's a ways uptown from the Standard and sadly I haven't made it there yet myself. Second Degustation which is one of the cooler dining experiences in town...was just at Daniel on Weds and not blown away by the food (esp for the $) but the room and cocktails are terrific. The stuffy question really depends on your sensibility! Also, a fun & fancy place in the Standard's neighborhood is Perry Street - location makes it feel like you found a secret hideout.

            Perry Street
            176 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014

            240 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019

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              plus one on perry st
              go when the sun is going down on the hudson
              sit on a sofa have some bubbly and be proud you made it to ten
              mozel tov and many more

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                thanks so much. Yes, we are booked at Degustation. Looking forward to their tasting menu. Yes, we have been to Daniel. Food was good but I did not want to do the required jacket thing this time. I will look into Perry Street - maybe we can have a pre-dinner drink there.

                Perry Street
                176 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014

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                  If you're dining at Degustation, I'd suggest a pre-dinner cocktail at Death & Co or Cienfuegos.

                  95 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009