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Jul 6, 2010 09:38 AM

Aix-en-Provence, Apt

Any good ideas for either area? No long nighttime drives, please. Any feedback on the restaurants in hotels Domaine des Andeols or Le Piggonet, near Apt and Aix respectively?

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  1. Read this post - lots of places mentioned in the Apt area:

    1. Apt is barren. We've lived between Saignon and Paris for thirteen years. Try La Petite Cave in Saignon, owner chef is Andrew Goldsby a young English chef who serves a very nice fixed price (40€) menu. Soko is a young Japanese lady who came to the village last year and has a very enjoyable Asian inspired (refreshing in this part of the world) menu. We find L'Auberge du Presbytere, overpriced and mediocre. Good for a pastis by the fountain before dinner elsewhere. Ceap and cheerful is a pizza at the La Flambee in Bonnieux with amazing sunset views (ask for a table on the terrace)

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        Really,? We loved the Bistrot de France two summers ago. How about the new-ish, pricey Domaine des Andeols?

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          We used to be Bistrot de France fans, but it changed owners or something and I was disappointed last year -- menu was totally different (no soupe au pistou) and much more expensive.

          A friend recommends La Manade in Apt very highly, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

          I hope you'll report on your discoveries!

      2. In Bonnieux, I'm fond of Le Fournil, which has a Michelin knife + fork and beautiful terrace by the fountain, inventive cuisine with local products. Love the foie gras-stuffed figs.

        In Buoux, l'Etape de Promeneur. I love this place so much I probably shouldn't even tell you about it. Lovely husband/wife team, the best omelettes in the world (no exaggeration) and delicious frites. I've never been for dinner, but it also looks good -- you must order 24-hours in advance.

        Outside of Apt: Maison Pinna, an Italian traiteur. Good if you're renting a vacation home and don't really feel like cooking. Excellent canned mushroom sauce, or carbanara. Superb jarred tomato sauce. Homemade pasta. Father/daughter team from Sardinia.