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Jul 6, 2010 09:37 AM

Karolina's in Hamilton closed?

Friends are in town from 12 hours away and wanted to eat at Karolina's on Barton in Hamilton. There is no answer at the restaurant, and I seem to recall hearing a few months ago that the restaurant was closing due to a passing in the family. Can anyone confirm?

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  1. As I live in the area, the last few times I've been by during the dinner hour the restaurant seemed dark, but I'll check for you tonight...the sign in the front window has never said "Open" since I've lived in the neighbourhood so that's not a good indicator. I haven't seen Alice (the daughter/waitress) out shopping in a while either.

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    1. re: Mike from Hamilton

      Thanks for checking, Mike. The Timmins folks and I appreciate it.

    2. Apparently they're open - friend were able to reserve for last night. No feedback yet.

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      1. re: foodiemommy

        I was just going to say, I had a lovely (albeit heavy for the weather) meal there last night - Pierogies and their cabbage soup.

        1. re: Mike from Hamilton

          Thanks Mike for letting us know and of course for checking it out. I think I need some of that soup!