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Cherry Street Restaurant

Anyone have the scoop on this soon to open restaurant? I drive by it regularly and it looks interesting. It looks like it may be a bistro style resto rather than what was there years ago (a greasy spoon). I always thought that the building was a great building and hoped someone would move into it. It's all by ityself on the corner of Cherry and Commissioners.

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  1. Are you sure it wasn't a film set?

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      LOL. I'm pretty sure. They had a blackboard sign out front with chalk saying opening soon and also staff wanted - servers, dish washers. Looks like a new deck on the side and a small parking lot out back. Looks like the real thing

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        ya its got to be a restaurant, not a film set. they have been woring on it for a few months now. it will be interesting to see what happens there!

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        its not a film set. its a new restaurant opening soon. i recieved a call from them asking if i was looking for a position in their kitchen staff. not one hundred percent on what type of restaurant it is yet, but it looks like it could be an interesting place.

      3. has anyone been here? is it open? i was thinking about biking down for lunch this weekend...

        1. ...I work in the Distillery and walked past it on my way to T&T (for cheap asian take-away)....still wasn't open as of last Wednesday....

          1. It actually opens tomorrow - Wednesday September 22 :)

            1. They apparently have a website www.cherry.ca

              But for whatever reason it is blocked here at work...will try again, when I get home....

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                Ha, maybe it used to be a porn site..

                But, regardless, when I go to it now it isn't a restaurant website. It is just one of those "parked" typo web addresses with a bunch of links.

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                  Well, it is still a parked website, but regardless of the internet issues, is there any word on the place? They were supposed to open the 22nd, so I would expect to see info trickling in.

              2. Hi all.

                So, Cherry Restaraunt opened around three weeks ago, but today was my first opportunity to go in. Easy to see the owners put a wad of dough on the renos...anybody who remembers the old Cherry St Diner will be amazed! Bright and airy; bunch of flatscreen TV's with news and sports feeds, and a huge patio that will be really nice in the summer....depending on the prevailing wind direction ;) Open from 6am to 6pm Mon-Fri, 6am-2pm Sat, closed Sun

                Typical diner fare...all day breakfast, omlettes, burgers, fish and chips, souvlaki, etc. Average diner prices....Had a Monte Cristo sandwich (special of the day) with Cesaer Salad and a large diet soda for about $10

                Nice to have a reasonably priced diner within walking distance of the Distillery (and my work) again.


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                  Nuts! They close early, was hoping that they'd be a post-soccer game hit. Thanks for the info, guinness =)

                2. I work in the neighborhood and have had breakfast and lunch there numerous times. Very good and outstanding service. Basic diner type food. Very reasonable prices. I don't think that they have a liquor license yet. Thank God this thing opened up as there is no place to eat anywhere nearby.