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Jul 6, 2010 09:08 AM

Caterer in Knoxville

I am looking for a caterer/catering in the Knoxville area. It could be a company that comes and sets everything up, (preferred), or pickup/dropoff from a restaurant. Any thoughts?

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  1. There was a thread two or three years ago, on the joint southern forum, about catering for the rowing competition over in Oak Ridge.
    Are you looking for fancy or casual?

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    1. re: shallots

      Casual. Anything from sandwich platters to southern bbq. Catering lunch for a group of 15-20 people.

    2. Here's a link to Copper Cellar which does catering in Knoxville. They are a small regional BBQ chain with 15/16 restaurants but they do cater other than BBQ. There are sample menu's they can prepare or you can make up your own.

      Copper Cellar Restaurants
      7316 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919

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      1. re: Littleman

        Thanks Littleman! These guys look great!

      2. You should check out Touch of Love Catering. Rachel specializes in organic/gluten free/special diet.

        Phone : 865-804-0977
        Email :