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Jul 6, 2010 08:15 AM

Thali now in Westport - new small plates concept is a winner

Had lunch yesterday at the new Thali location in Westport (376 Post Rd, in the plaza across from Little Kitchen) -- great small plates menu with generous portions - think this may give Bombay a run for its money. Enjoyed spicy chicken kababs, samosa, semolina dosa crisp crepe (quite big, with many good chutneys to try with it), little buttons of steamed lentil and rice cakes (mini-idlis, really -- very authentic flavor), green chili naan, yellow dal, rice (comp). Oh, btw, the complimentary bread plate -- of naan with herbed butter and herbed (mint?) oil -- was rather forgettable, but everything else was flavorful and superb, and not gimmicky.
Decor felt like the usual Thali style -- not a huge fan of it, but as much as I tend to be a resto decor maven I'm Indian American so I go there to eat, not to look at the place :)
Small plates concept is wonderful -- can try a lot of things but it still felt like it was a good amount of food and the lunch prices were great. We'll be back to try more.

87 Main Street, New Canaan, CT 06840

296 Ethan Allen Hwy, Ridgefield, CT 06877

Little Kitchen
423 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880

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  1. We absolutely love the new Thali - don't miss the spicy chicken kebabs or the blue crab. You must have had the bread on an off day - it's usually terriffic, with just the right crisp on the exterior. The butter they serve it with is herbed, but the oil is mustard infused BTW.

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      I agree, love the bread. We've been twice for lunch, shared a bunch of small plates both times. The blue crab with coconut is amazing. Little lamb croquettes, tandoori shrimp, ginger garlic steak on pita, all delicious. A nice addition.

      1. re: sibeats

        I love Thali, cant wait to experience this!

        87 Main Street, New Canaan, CT 06840

        1. re: eater7777

          Here's my review from our first time a little more detail...

          After reading the review of the new Westport Thali on, we popped in for lunch the other day. We are not very familiar with Indian food, haven't had it in ages, so their small plates menu was very appealing.
          When we sat down they brought a plate of bread with a little bowl of spiced oil and I think cilantro butter. We shared 5 small plates for lunch between 2 of us. The lamb croquettes, which were so tiny and cute I burst out laughing when I saw them. There were 6 little bites, each one on a dollop of sauce. Very moist and juicy. Then we had a bowl of jonah crab in a light coconut broth. I was expecting it to be a cold salad, but it was hot and a little spicy and delicious. The third dish was the Tandoor grilled shrimp, 3 large, perfectly cooked shrimp in a martini glass with a shredded lettuce and pepper salad. Then we had the Pepper and Ginger Skirt Steak on a Naan with some Raita. Very very good. Our last dish was the tibetan steamed chicken dumplings with a smoked tomato chutney. These were the only one I wouldn't get again. Not very flavorful, the dumpling wrappers were on the chewy side and there was no smokey flavor in the sauce. Other than that, everything was very good. We would definitely return to try more!

          Our second time we got everything but the steamed chicken dumplings and had some scallops instead...they were good, but incendiary spicy and my mouth was on fire!

    2. Enjoyed the review very much! I'll nominate Westport for best food town in the area. We've found so many great places in the year we've been here, and now look forward to trying Thali.

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      1. re: tonylazzeri

        as a westport resident, i personally like norwalk food more....but there have been some solid westport eats that have opened up recently!

        thali is certainly good but I wish they gave you more food for the price. plus i wasn't exactly blown away by anything

        1. re: tonylazzeri

          you may lose that batter dear friend. no chance Westport is better than New Canaan as the best restaurant town. If you care to place the best 10 then jfood will place NC's 1:1. That's if you can even name 10. :-))

          BTW - jfood will give you number 1 so start with 2-9.

          1. re: jfood

            True, I cannot name 10 yet, but I'm well on my way! Not really interested in debating 1:1, as I can see you are partial to New Canaan restaurants from past posts. I have been to Filling Station which I find yummy, Chings which was also very good, and Harvest Supper which was great. Definitely nice little town. Look forward to trying some more if I get there.

            Harvest Supper
            15 Elm St, New Canaan, CT 06840

            1. re: tonylazzeri

              not to worry. there were a few posts last year that there was a 1:1 comparison, for yucks and grins. your next stop in Westport should be Boathouse, second best in w'port. then jfood would recommend aloi in New canaan. for a real burger in new canaan try cherry street east or in norwalk the burger bar.

              happy chowing


        2. It isn't hard giving Bombay a run for their money...

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          1. re: shark_attack

            Would have to disagree - Bombay is very good.