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Jul 6, 2010 07:39 AM

Scratch Baking, Milford, CT

Stopped by the Farmer's Market in downtown Milford on Saturday morning and came across this place:

Her shop is right downtown, next to where the Farmer's Market sets up. No retail as of yet (this Fall, is what I was told) but everything I tried was amazing. A bakerty like this is exactly what we need downtown.

Can't wait until it opens but, in the meantime check the place out at Farmer's Markets around the Milford/New Haven area.

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  1. Hey K, This is good info. Have you been to that new bakery/cafe that opened down from Archie Moore's yet in Milford? I think it used to be Village Bagel/Panini satellite location. I can't remember if I read about it on here or in the paper, but the bakery and pasta looks interesting. Parking could be a pain. Check this link and read the "In the News" tab for good pictures. Let me know. You seem to "get around" (no pun intended) more than me in Milford.

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      I have been to Al Fresco but only for coffee and pastries. That location seems to be problematic and I worry about the viability of any business that opens there. It is off the beaten path and doesn't get much foot traffic, which is key to any downtown Milford business. I hear you about the parking issue but we live very near downtown and do most of our shopping and eating on foot or via bicycles so it's not as issue for us.

      That said, the owners seem to know what they are doing and the stuff we've had there is decent but not great. They will need to get the word out so folks know that they are there. Not everyone is as obsessed with food and the success of downtown businesses as we are. I wish them all the best though.

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        K, Alfresco Cafe has bit the dust. Sent my husband there yesterday to try their stuff ,and the place is closed with nothing in the cases. Website still up, but the phone is disconnected. Wow! That was a short stint.

        1. re: cheereeo

          That's too bad but not surprising. That location is jinxed. I expect it to be vacant for the foreseeable future.

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        The pastries are amazing. My daughter and I LOVE the cream puffs. Bread pudding muffins out of this world. Soups were fantastic. My son (3) loves it all. We travel from Fairfiled, this is the best in the county, even though it is not in Fairfiled county. Great, Great and Great.

      3. Got one of her strawberry rhubarb pies at the Robert Treat Farm a week or two ago - very, very nice. Perfect blend of the filling; not too sweet, not too tart, and a nicely flaky crust. Also available were rustic tarts and little individual things. Everything looked really good.

        1. Retail shop is now open. Quite mobbed when we
          stopped in this morning. Didn't get a chance
          to try the coffee though. Pastries were as fantastic
          as usual.

          1. I've been in Scratch Baking three times so far. Her whole grain bread, pastries and quiches are delicious. The shop smells wonderful and the service was friendly. I thought the prices were totally reasonable. It's great to have a bakery downtown again!

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            1. re: ForeverB

              Another update - stopped into Scratch Baking for my weekly bread fix fix and found that they made homemade soup - had a cup of lemon/lentil - incredible!

            2. One year anniversary on Sunday the 13th. Think there may be some specials and free organic coffee and teas.