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Jul 6, 2010 07:13 AM

Hello to those Chowhounders in HK

I thought I would say hi. I have lurked and read Chowhound for several years whilst living in the UK and eating in and around Europe and the US.

However, I have just moved to HK with work and am really relying on all the recommendations on here (and on places like as I have no experience of the food scene out here so I thought I would say hi.

So I am slowly working through the recommendations already out there and looking forward to learning a lot about Cantonese and Asian food in general from you guys.

Anyway, that's it. Nice to finally introduce myself and I am afraid I don't have anything revelatory to add yet as I have just eaten in the standard new visitor to HK and want to try everything places...


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  1. Hello Tom!
    Welcome to the fraternity!
    For your info., For the past three years a group of local and overseas avid foodies have been meeting around March of each year for a few 'chowmeets'. Great food and wine and most of all great company are in the agenda. When the time comes next year and you are still in town, may be you would like to join us?!
    Cheers and happy chowing!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Would love to - am here for 2 years or more and hopefully by March I should have something to contribute!

    2. hello! just found on your blog via twitter. welcome to HK and see you around :)

      1. Hello TomEatsHK and Charles Yu,
        We sure are sorry that we didn't know you when we were having a blast eating our way around Hong Kong. We are finally getting around to posting our Metropolitan Hong Kong Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM on Chow. The reviews are so long that they don't fit on one "Chow Page". So we posted a Page 2 Metropolitan Hong Kong Restaurant Reviews!
        Anyway, here are the Chow links:

        Page 1:

        Page 2:

        Enjoy! And (because we have trouble posting photos on Chow), if you want to see the restaurant reviews together with all of the food snaps we took, go to our blog at:

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        1. re: aledm

          Wow!! I think you have just broken Chowhound's review/posting record for 'detail and length'!!

          1. re: aledm

            Well all I can say is thanks for doing some prep work. Excited and whilst I should be going to bed will instead read your posts!

            PS hi e_ting!