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Jul 6, 2010 07:08 AM

Where to eat in Perth, Scotland?

A quick search of the boards reveals very little in Perth. My parents own a house there and I'll be staying for a week next week. Does anyone have any recommendations for:
a) a full Scottish breakfast
b) a decent curry, either in or take-away
c) a cheapish, casual dinner?

We usually go to 63 Tay Street for a nice dinner on one night, have been to the Bothy a couple of times, and had a curry from somewhere unmemorable somewhere on the High Street. I want to make sure we're not missing any local gems!

Also if there's any spectacular seafood to be had for lunch within a couple of hours' drive that would be good... but not in St. Andrews, Edinburgh or Glasgow as we've been there many times!


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  1. Might be a bit of a drive, but have you tried the Anstruther Fish Bar?
    What about dining at Crieff Hydro? We had dinner there and it was lovely.

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      Thanks, will try to get out to Anstruther. I thought there was a branch in St. Andrews, but a quick search tells me that they're not actually related.