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Uptown Market & Deli (Jacksonville) - Strange Experience

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I recently went to Uptown Market & Deli in the Springfield neighborhood for lunch. I have been there a few times before, and my experiences have been generally favorable. I ordered the corned beef sandwich for lunch. I am almost positive (somewhere around 75-85% certainty) that the meat on the sandwich I received was ham (maybe serrano ham(?)). First, when the waitress put the sandwich down, it just did not look like beef. Then, when I tasted the meat, it tasted exactly like cured ham. The other two people at my table also tasted and examined the meat, and everyone agreed it was not corned beef. It neither tasted nor looked like beef. I called the waitress over and told her I did not think it was beef, but ham. She brought it to the kitchen, returned, and told me that it was in fact corned beef. She then asked me if I wanted something different (which I did).

So, my question is whether anyone else has tried the corned beef at Uptown. If so, do they just have the most unique, ham-tasting corned beef ever? Or, did someone just screw-up and put ham on the sandwich (and then they tried to hide it maybe)? I'm not sure what to think, other than it was very strange?

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  1. I have learned my lesson... don't order corned beed in Jacksvonville. It's usually nasty so, that may have very well been corned beef. I'm a Detroit native and living in Jacksonville has taught me to make my own sandwhich!