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Jul 6, 2010 06:49 AM

Sliced Deli Country Ham in Atlanta (the real salty Smithfield)?

I am a Virginia boy transplanted to Florida and missing my Smithfield ham! Do Kroger or any Deli's in the Atlanta area carry Country Ham or Smithfiled ham in Atlanta?


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  1. Yes and no. You can find whole country ham all over the place but you might not be able to find it for slicing in the deli. My suggestion: bite the bullet and buy a whole one and slice it yourself. It won't go bad anytime soon.

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      I think there are lots of places (Kroger, Publix, etc) that you can get a thick slice of country ham ("ham steak" is the phrase that comes to mind). Just not out for slicing in the deli. They'll be vacuum packed and maybe where the sausage is, but maybe not even cold. DeKalb Farmer's Market has some stuff between the cheese/deli and pork counters. It's within reach of ordering Patak smoked liverwurst if you feel the need (trust me, it's good stuff).

      The other thing you could do is get an order of thin sliced Benton's at Leon's off their charcuterie menu.

    2. Have you found it yet? I need it for a recipe.

      1. Johnston County Hams, Smithfield, NC is the place to order what you're look for from. They ship. Products are outstanding. I buy a county ham (as well as other items) to bake two or three times a year from them.

        Plus, they're a family owned /operated business, unlike the more well known Smithfield brand from Smithfield, VA.