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Jul 6, 2010 06:39 AM

Baby Shower in Astoria?

My aunt from out of town wants to host a baby shower for me and about 25 guests. We can do it at my apartment with catering (near Broadway and 29th Street), or do it at a restaurant in the neighborhood that has a section we could reserve that would be somewhat private. Any ideas for caterers or restaurants?

It will be on a Sunday afternoon in mid-september, so I think indoors with light food (not a huge meal, but more like a brunch or lunch menu of salads and sandwiches would be good).

Please help!

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    1. re: jenhen2

      I recently saw a bridal shower taking place at Akti, corner of 35th St and 30th Ave, which looked very nice. The restaurant is on the small side, but can section off an area, or if the party is large enough, you could probably reserve the whole interior. I like the food there, fresh Greek cuisine.

      34-19 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

      1. re: jenhen2

        This weekend I attended a smaller (10 people) baby shower at Cafe Bar on 34th Ave and 36th St. The AC was broken, which was horrible, but friends in the area say it is usually not like that. For our group of 10, we had a big table up on a raised area of the restaurant with plenty of room for us and plenty of room to spare for the three other small parties (groups of one and two) who were up there in that section with us. There are three other big sections in the restaurant as well, so sectioning off one or more of them could make it a good place for your group of 25, too. It is a pretty space, which made for pretty pictures of our event, so that was a plus, too -- just make sure they have the AC fixed!

        1. re: H1113

          Thanks queenseats and H1113! I really appreciate the suggestions! I think we're going to be about 40 people, but I'll check both these places out. Thanks again. I'm grateful for the assistance!

          1. re: H1113

            H1113, do you have any photos from the baby shower? We'd love to feature them (with your and the mom to be's permission) on our social media outlets. Check out or
            We are always looking for neat photos of people and events happening at our space to show people what we're all about. Thanks!

            Cafe Bar
            32-90 36th St, Queens, NY 11103