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Jul 6, 2010 06:38 AM

Five Guys Burgers - Coming to Montreal !

I saw a guy in the NDG area wearing the red five guys burgers shirt and he said that they are opening a restaurant in Vaudreuil later in July 2010. Plans for another in Old Montreal in 2010. Great news.

Bad for my back-fat-folds i guess. Now if only In N Out burger would venture north my life would be complete.

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  1. What's the draw of Five Guys? I've heard of it, but only vaguely.

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    1. re: mainsqueeze

      Its both expensive and very good. you will have to go to really experience it. huge burgers. very fresh. very good fries. its a good concept - very fresh. you wont leave the place thinking that they have not tried to make a great burger. definitely worth trying out. i wonder if they will have a poutine on the menu. that's going to be their biggest issue. h

      1. re: harry in montreal

        how would you define expensive? m:brg expensive (ie 20 bucks a burger) or more on the line of 5 to 6$ a burger?

        1. re: mak2k

          mbrgr is the biggest ripoff......their burgers are small and grossly overpriced and they gouge you shamelessly for every topping. I am surprised they don't charge extra for ketchup. They refuse to cook it the way I like...I like my burgers to be juicy....not burnt like they insist on doing whether you like it or not. Noisy pretentious atmosphere...I wanted to like the place...used to play softball with one of the owners....but I never went back a second time.

          $20 for a burger....hell, for $3 more, I can get a delicious baseball sirloin cut steak at THE KEG with all the trimmings.....

          I am always looking for a great burger joint....hope this FIVE GUYS BURGERS is nothing at all like mbrgr and that they offer fair value...

          1. re: mak2k

            in the US it's 5-6$ a burger + 2-3$ for fries, definitly not what i would call expensive

            1. re: westaust

              Som local non-chain places do very good burgers at that price range. I'm just taking Terrasse Lafayette as an example as we go there often (since it caters to different likes and appetites and is around the corner from a friend's house):

              Hamburger "Super Lafayette" 6.30
              Cheeseburger "Super Lafayette" 6.80
              Pain maison, 10oz de boeuf haché sur charbon, bacon, oignons, tomates, laitue et sauce maison.
              Home-made bread, char-broiled 10oz ground beef, bacon, onions, tomaotes, lettuce and home made sauce.

              Thas is a nice big burger, with lots of trimmings.

              1. re: westaust

                its fast food right? you wait in line. its given to you in a paper bag. i consider cheap to be burger king for a $6 trio. 5 guys should come in at $10-11 for a similar burger, fry and a drink. so its twice the price. much better quality. is it expensive? no. however its likely going to be twice the cost of their competition like mcD's and lafleurs.
                FYI: i also dont consider my $7k rolex to be expensive watch either. defining expensive is all about comparables. :) Harry

                1. re: harry in montreal

                  Burger King and McD's burgers are comparible to dog food...I wouldn't eat at eirher of those places if you were paying.

                  If FIVE GUYS serves up a huge fresh burger for $5-6...I will be a regular customer.

                  Best value I can suggest right now is BURGER DE VILLE. They serve a wonderful tasty burger for $4 with plenty of free toppings. Take that mbrgr!!!!!

                  Where is TERRASSE LAFAYETTE? I would like to try it.

                  1. re: MISTER_C

                    Terrasse Lafayette is a "greek-ish" BYOB on Villeneuve corner jeanne-mance.

                    1. re: Maximilien

                      Oh, it is definitely Greek in terms of its ownership, doing everything from fried calamari and skewers to overdressed pizzas, decent salads and ... burgers. Homemade, nothing like the huge chains with their burgers made of god knows what.

          2. re: mainsqueeze

            Why are we even talking about hamburgers when Five Guys' french fried potatoes are astronomical. And they dump a huge extra scoopful of them into your bag right on top of everything. You will have enough potatoes to take home and add to your egg tomorrow morning for breakfast. They make them from real Idaho potatoes that are piled up all over FG in big 100-pound sacks. This place is a potato lover's dream.

          3. There is a posting on craigslist dating june 24th saying they are hiring

            And from the website they are coming to canada, through unusal channels i must say, quebec, saskatchewan and manitoba

            This is good news, although Vaudreuil is a bit far from downtown

            1. I guess you're happier than I am - I've had their burgers during my travels in the US and while they concentrate on those, I wouldn't say that they're the second coming. Better than larger chains yes.

              Can't see them putting poutine on the menu unless the franchise rules allow for some flexibility in individual restaurant menus.

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              1. re: wattacetti

                When we lived in the DC area, I thought Five Guys was great. However, they have expanded like crazy over the last few years and friends in the DC area are saying its not as good as it used to be. That said, I'll give them a try. In the US stores, the have peanuts in the shell to eat while you wait for your food. I always thought that was fun. And I would not say its expensive, its not MBrgr for sure.

                1. re: stephlovestoeat

                  funny, i tried it first in Georgetown as well !

                  its too bad that its so far from the west-end. this location choice makes no sense at all. the west-island should have better brand recognition.

                  i think i better watch my use of the term "expensive" around here. i was just implying it should be around twice the price of a mcD's trio. my last 5 guys burger/fry/drink was about $9.50 in charlotte.


              2. What's the deal with "We serve peanuts in bulk"?

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                1. re: FrenchPeach

                  When you walk into a Five guys location, you order your burger, fries whatever. While its being prepared, they have boxes of peanuts in the shell around the restaurant that you can eat while you wait.

                2. So does this fall more in line with places like Gourmet Burger and Picks or is it a chain counter joint like like A&W? How is it comparable to say Dillalos or the ultimate litmus test, In N Out?