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Jul 6, 2010 05:41 AM

Help!!! Overloaded with Anaheim Peppers!

Hi y'all! I bought what I thought were Poblano Pepper plants from Lowes but they were mislabled-not the first time this has happened- and now I have dozens of Anaheim peppers. Does anyone have recipes they can share with me? I don't eat beef or pork and adore Mexican food. I have tried to search online but the recipes I found had only so-so reviews. I appreciate anything and everything that comes my way.

Many thanks!!!!!

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  1. Hi Roux -

    I'd look into making a green chile sauce subbing something like smoked turkey for the pork, and if it calls for stock, use chicken stock. There are recipes on chowhound, and all over the web.

    One of my favorite uses of green chile is a "smother" for huevos rancheros on a bed of tortillas and hash browns.

    1. Anaheims can be stuffed and fried to make chili rellenos, or you can make salsa verde. You could also let them turn red and hang them to dry to make chili powder.

      1. I would stuff them with a cheese mixture like goat and jack or ricotta, some baby peas and herbs then roast them in the oven til softened.

        1. Get some sauerkraut, drain and save the juice. Mix sauerkraut with grated swiss or jack cheese (or smoked provolone) at about a 2:1 ratio of kraut to cheese. Slit open pepper & remove membranes and seeds, steam until just tender, stuff with mix, store in a jar with the sauerkraut juice poured back over.

          1. Just picked a peck of pickled...(oops, couldn't resist)... Anaheims. My wife used them in stir fry with garden broccoli, snap peas and beans.