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Jul 5, 2010 11:18 PM

Great Blueberry Pie in an unexpected place...(Southwestern Utah)

Well, maybe not so unexpected....there is often good pie to be found in southern Utah...

But don't miss the blueberry pie at the Bakery that is adjacent to Foster's Motel on highway 12 a mile or so west of the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park. Look for the sign that says "Tourist Stuff" and an otherwise totally typical tacky small grocery store/gift shop. I think that was one of the best blueberry pies I had eaten in my life. Perfect crust, the filling was a perfect consistency, and it had a real blueberry taste....It was so good that on our way home yesterday we stopped and bought another....

Small pies, one will feed no more than four. So get two to start with! (Actually, two of us devoured an entire pie Saturday was that good). 10.95 per pie. We were talking with the clerk, and she said that the baker also makes a great "Fruits of the Forest" pie: assorted berries and rhubarb....but they didn't have any left. There were good looking breads and various breakfast pastries as well; we tried an apple turnover. It was good, but not berry pie good.

They serve the same pies in the motel's coffee shop. If you need a break, stop there and have some pie and coffee.....I noticed they had the "Fruits of the Forest" pie in the case when I ducked into the restaurant to use the restroom. I almost asked if they would box me up a piece, but we'd already indulged ourselves by buying that second blueberry pie....

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  1. Do they still serve Bumbleberry Pie near Zions Park? Don't remember the name of the restaurant. Somewhere along the Virgin River... Great Pie.

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    1. re: marcko

      I remember seeing a sign for it, yes....

      1. re: marcko

        The name of the restaurant is the Bumbleberry Restaurant. If you don't mind not having a restaurant ambience, you can buy the pie cheaper at the motel gift store just across the lot (at least, that was the case back in 2008).

        1. re: chazuke

          Thanks, chazuke.
          I wouldn't mind having a restaurant at that location.

        2. re: marcko

          Yes, just had the Bumbleberry Pie a couple of weeks ago. It was ok, although I'm pretty sure it was just blackberry!