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Aug 1, 2005 12:44 PM

Comfort Cafe vs Town & Country (Silverlake)

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My favorite casual salad/sandwhich shoppe, Comfort Cafe (on Hyperion), is closed on Sunday's so yesterday, I tried... tried being the key word... Town & Country (on Sunset). In fairness, I'm on a diet, which means salads or proteins & veggies for lunch. The staff wasn't that helpful about my diet ("we have fried chicken, you can remove the skin!") and what really put me off was you couldn't see any of the food in the display, it was all clouded over, I guess by the refrigeration system. And what I could see, didn't look that good or fresh. So I left and had tuna at home!

So, I'm going to plug again the Comfort Cafe on Hyperion next to BB Gym. Man, this place is sooo good! I even like the food (gulp) better than Alcove! If you're on a diet or just trying to eat healthy, it's perfect... terrific salads, turkey loaf, turkey chili, lots of side options or if you're not, there's PLENTY of stuff to choose from (once a week, they have this chicken pot pie that's out of this world, hubby loves it) and Reggie is an amazing baker.

I just had to put in my three cents again for Comfort Cafe since I was SO disappointed in T&C.

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  1. I too was disappointed in Town and Country (went about 2 weeks ago). I am also trying to diet, so I ordered the cucumber soup and green bean salad. I didn't care for the soup, it was like eating cucumber flavored mayo. The salad was ok, but tasted less than fresh. My BF did like his steak sandwich, and the dog was pleased with the biscuit. But I don't think we'll be rushing back. I'll have to try Comfort Cafe, sounds right up my alley. I love turkey chili.

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      I eat at the Comfort Cafe at least 3 or 4 times a week and it's helped me to lose 17 pounds the last 2 1/2 months (that and my nutritionist). The cafe is on the casual-side, but the food is really tops and if you're dieting, this is the place in Silverlake to go!

      Here's what I've been eating:

      Silverlake salad with chicken or flank-steak or salmon (if they have it). The salad comes with pecans, gorgonzola cheese, cherry tomoatos & avocado (I just leave about half of the naughty stuff on my plate). I eat this at least 3 times a week!

      Turkey meatloaf w/ veggies (nice selection)

      They also have egg-white quiches! I had a slice pre-diet and it was wonderful.

      If you're gym members, you get 10% off. I just love this place. They close at 6pm, so I'll pick up my salad early if I'm having that for dinner.


    2. went to town and country. bummer. fried chicken in a cold case with desserts and tuna. oooh. got some cookies and a bran muffin, threw the dry old muffin on the roof of the laundrymat. the cauliflower mash is really yummy at comfort cafe.

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        Is it just me or is there a lot of "tude" at Town & Country (and why such a yuppy name, are we in Brentwood or is it some joke I don't get). If you're going to charge west-side prices, then the items better look like you actually want to eat them! This is why I'm such a fan of comfort cafe... never had a bad meal there yet & the people who run it are so nice!

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          We went to Town and Country a couple weeks ago and had the worst experience we've had in a restaurant in years. There were about three tables busy, with some walk-ins, but one guy behind the counter who was absolutely frazzled trying to keep pace. Meanwhile, the rest of the staff sat outside (including the owner, a woman we've come to refer to as "Cynthia - of 3rd Street Cynthia's - without the charm"). I ordered the special - an "egg white scramble with veggies and cheese" - and received instead the most bland open faced omelette I'd ever tasted, no cheese and a sprinking of 4-5 vegetable pieces. Absolutely no flavor whatsoever. And it was like $8.

          This place seems to think it's pulling off a Joan's on 3rd vibe, but it's really a disaster. We've been warning folks away from it ever since.

      2. I have never posted a message on any board ever and my experience at Town and Country was so bad, I had to teach myself how to do it and alert the masses.

        My husband and I stopped in to T&C for a quick lunch before running some errands. I had been to the place when it first opened and my experience was just ok, but I decided to try again now that they probably have the kinks worked out. Bad move.

        The problems started with the seating. Now that Eat Well is closed for renovations across the street, T&C is getting a lot more business that they clearly cannot handle. They had a little piece of paper laying on the counter for people to list themselves, but they failed to tell people as they walked in or monitor the seating. So, some people were putting their names on the list and waiting while others were simply walking in and sitting at empty tables. When i brought it to the attention of the people at the counter, they asked me, "what do you want me to do, kick them out?". Then they went on to explain that they don't have a hostess (not sure how that's my problem). After seeing three tables be self-seated and no names being crossed off the list, my husband and i decided to join the rebels and just sit at an empty table. Then began our long long wait for service.

        When we finally got service (after about 15-20 mins of waiting), our waitress was very nice and apologized for the situation. If it weren't for her good customer service, we would have walked out.

        The food was ok, nothing to write home about. One half of my two eggs over medium was cooked right, but the other half contained raw egg whites - not sure how they managed that.

        At the end of the meal, the owner stopped by our table. She just stood there and didn't say anything, so we started talking and explained that we knew one of her friends and that's why we decided to stop in. She told us how much she liked her friend and then kept standing there; never asked us how our meal was or apologized for the horrible seating ordeal. A minute or two later, she just walked away. To this day, I'm not sure why she came to our table. I'm guessing she was lost.

        The entire ordeal took 2 1/2 hours and by that time our afternoon of running errands was shot. So we came home, taught ourselves how to post a message and called it a day.

        1. WOW, I wish I had read all this before i spent $28 on a frozen, then overcooked, chicken sandwich, and a chalky hamburger. There was nothing else on the bread. Oh, there was a shred of a part of a piece of lettuce, on one half, seemingly there by accident, and the bread had been so manhandled that there were thumbprints so deep that light would have shown through them, had i been able to peel a slice off without tearing it.

          The bf's cheeseburger came with, again, NOTHING on the bread, not even CHEESE. He ordered medium rare, but somehow was translated into "make it grey all the way through". It was so bad, we even considered dine N' ditching, because our waiter was so rude. But no, we didn't, I wouldn't ever really do it, but it was fun to think about while waiting for our waiter and eavesdropping on the couple next to us. We had to go inside to ask for salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, dressing, oh, and our cheque.

          I had my doubts about the place, but we were starving and well, there we were. I can't wait for them to go out of business!

          1. I went to Town & Country to look for croissants. The service at the counter was nonexistent ... the stuff in the case looked old and picked over. The rolls in a display on top of the counter looked dry and dismal.

            I wondered why they were even in business.