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Jul 5, 2010 10:46 PM

grapefruit infusion similar to limoncello. anyone tried this?

I was wondering if anyone has tried a grapefruit style limoncello? I was considering trying it with j wray & nephew overproof rum instead of an overproof vodka or like a 190 proof clear spirit. If anyone has done this could you please share your experience. thank you.

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  1. I haven;t done it, but I can't see why it wouldn't work...and would probably taste damned good.

    Depending on your individual taste you may need to back sweeten it a bit , though as a grapefruit lover, I probably wouldn't. If you use rum somewhere in the process, that might even add to the character.

    Why not just try it?

    1. I used Wray & Newphew with kumquats. I used the whole fruit, though, and blended it with a stick blender. Infused for a few weeks and used as a cocktail ingredient. I liked it, although with the fruit juice in there, I'm not sure what its shelf life would have been, especially without sugar.

      Grapefruit peel is quite a bit more bitter than lemon or orange, I think. I'd be careful to keep the pith out. Report back!