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NC Barbecue and Fried Chicken near I-95

I will be traveling with my parents to Myrtle Beach for our yearly vacation there to visit family. We stay the night in the Richmond Area and will be in Central NC and looking for lunch. I would like to find a place that has good pulled pork sandwich with vinegary BBQ sauce. If they also have good Chicken that would be a plus and I may get a thigh with my sandwich. We don't mind traveling off of I-95 because we usually get on to 301 as soon as we are in the Emporia VA area and don't get on 95 at all then we take 40 into Wilmington.so anywhere in NC in that area would be great. We just want good BBQ, Fried Chicken and maybe hush puppies and some banana pudding to go and enjoy later while on the beach watching a sunset

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  1. In Smithfield, 1 block south of the intersection of Bus. 70 and 301 is the Chicken Barn. Nothing fancy, a few plastic fast food tables, but good chicken.

    The parking lot has Hills of Sno Snow cones, which is gulf-style snow cone place with real shaved snowy ice (not that cheap crushed stuff), and he makes his own flavor syrups from scratch because he is a nutty perfectionist.

    Across the street is Millie's, a stand up, order outside, hot dog and country cooking place.

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      Chicken Barn has moved. It is now 1/2 block west of 301, on the North side of 70. It shares a building with a new Marathon gas station. Chicken is still good!

      Hill's of Sno has a sign saying they are open daily for the season, however they were closed at 3:30 on a Thursday. Hopefully soon!

    2. THIS PLACE ROCKS! ....as you leave 95 headed north if you take a left you will be surrounded by TGI-whatever, and every other bland nasty corporate semi-fast food known to man. BUT if you head away from it you will find a place wher they dont take credit cards and they offer every wonderful kind of barbeque you might love. When I was there last its pork offerings were outstanding. Please try this place you will love it!

      Ralph's Barbecue
      1400 Julian R Allsbrook Hwy, Weldon, NC 27890

      1. Fuller's in Lumberton. It's right off I-95 and has an AYCE buffet with Southern-style vegetables, pulled pork barbecue and fried chicken.

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          I will look into Ralph's and The Chicken Barn. and the Sno Cone place sounds great perfect for a hot day when your stuck in the car. Any idea if they have Sugar Free flavors, my mom is diabetic. We have been to Fuller's 2 times already we do like the buffet but we make that stop at the one in Fayetteville on the trip back home for dinner but I just want some BBQ and maybe a piece of chicken for lunch time as we usually have dinner later in Myrtle Beach.

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            Ralph's is a really poor example of eastern NC barbecue. Skip it- as poor an example of the oversauced, gas-cooked school as I've ever had.

            There's a good place on 301 in Virginia called the Stony Creek Tastee Hut which has pretty good eastern NC style bbq and really good fried chicken. It's in Stony Creek- a little cinder block building on your right as you head south. They also have some of the best hush puppies I've ever had, but you will need to eat those while they're hot, as hush puppies do not reheat well.

            If you're taking 301 south to I-40 and avoiding I-95, I'm guessing you're picking up 117 at Wilson, which would take you near Grady's BBQ, which is excellent. If it were me, I'd pick up some chicken from the Tastee Hut and barbecue from Grady's. You'll also be near Wilber's Barbecue in Goldsboro, but I like Grady's better. Grady's has excellent banana pudding. Grady's and Wilber's are both among a handful of bbq places that still cook with wood or charcoal, which is absolutely essential for ENC barbecue.

        2. I highly recommend Parker's in Wilson NC. Great BBQ and fried chicken. The Family Dinner is AYCE.

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            Parker's is another one that is way, way, past its prime. Gas cooked, bog standard stuff. There are so many better options on that route- Wilber's in Goldsboro, Grady's in Dudley. Cobb's in Farmville is doable- about a 30 minute detour(roundtrip) from Wilson. Cobb's has limited hours, though. IIRC they're only open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

            You really can't go wrong with the NC Barbecue Society Trail:


            The only good eastern style barbecue restaurant that is not on this list is Blackbeard's in Conetoe.

          2. Kim's BBQ at Exit 73 on I 95 is outstanding. McCall's and Wilber's BBQ in Goldsboro are legends of their own. Moore's BBQ @ Exit 107 in Kenly is outstanding BBQ.

            Kim's BBQ House @ 900 W. Broad St., Dunn, NC. 910 - 892 - 7750.
            McCall's BBQ @ 139 Millers Chapel Rd., Goldsboro, NC 919 - 751 - 0072.
            Wilber's BBQ @ 4172 Hwy. 70 E., Goldsboro, NC. 919 - 778 - 5218.
            Moore's BBQ @ 404 S. Church St., Kenly, NC. 919 - 284 - 3865.

            1. Buzz and Ned's BBQ in Richmond is outstanding. Also Hank's at Exit 69 off I 95 is great BBQ. Have a safe trip.

              Buzz and Ned's Real BBQ @ 1119 N. Blvd., Richmond, VA. 804 - 355 - 6055.
              Hank's Pit Cooked BBQ @ 4810 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Richmond, VA 804 - 275 - 8605.

              1. I would look at Geardners BBQ on Wesleyan Blvd in Rocky Mt. Good stuff!

                1. Here's some places to stop and rest on your way S on I 95. Before you get to NC on I 95 at Exit 31 try Stony Creek Tastee Hut for good fried chicken or BBQ.

                  Stony Creek Tastee Hut @ 12420 Blue Star Hwy., Stony Creek, VA. 434 - 246 - 2328.

                  Take Exit 138 off I 95 at Rocky Mt., NC and go E on I 64 for 1 1/2 miles to Exit 466 and go S on N Winstead Ave. to Sunset Ave. Take a right and go to Gardner's BBQ. Gardner's has 3 locations in Rocky Mt., NC but this one on Sunset is the most convenient to I 95. You will pass a Hampton Inn on your right when you exit I 64.

                  Gardner's Barbecue @ 3651 Sunset Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 252 - 443 - 3996. I64/EXIT468A.


                  Take Exit # 138 going S on I 95 at Nashville, NC and go W on # 64 about 6 miles to Exit # 458. Turn back E on Western Ave. less than a mile for some outstanding BBQ at Doug Saul's.

                  Doug Saul's BBQ @ 813 Western Ave., Nashville, NC 252 - 459 - 4247.

                  Get off I 95 at Exit 90 just S of Smithfield, NC to your right and turn back N on Highway 301 and go to White Swan BBQ for good road food.

                  White Swan BBQ @ 3198 South Brightleaf Blvd., Smithfield, NC 919 - 934 - 8913.


                  For outstanding BBQ and country fried chicken get off I 95 at Exit 79 at Benson, NC and go W on E Main Street to N Fayetteville Street which is the first street to your right. Take a right and go N to E Church Street. Take a right and go to N Honeycutt Street. White Swan will be on your left.

                  White Swan BBQ and Fried Chicken @ 105 N Honeycutt St, Benson, NC 919 - 894 - 4446.


                  At Exit 73 in Dunn, NC get off I 95 going W on Cumberland go about a mile take a right on General Lee and next left on Broad for some fine fried chicken at Kim's. Don't let the name bother you. They sell a BBQ sandwich but 99% country food.

                  Kim's BBQ House @ 900 W. Broad St., Dunn, NC. 910 - 892 - 7750.

                  Heading S on I 95 at Exit 56 try Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ at Fayetteville, NC. They sell a good burger and also a buffet lunch with fried chicken.

                  Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ @ 113 N. Eastern Blvd., Fayetteville, NC. 910 - 484 - 5109.


                  1. If you are in the Smithfield, NC area, just off of 95 is Holt's Lake Barbecue and Seafood. I think they have delicious seafood, chicken and barbecue. They also have other specials at lunch, and many

                    vegetables to choose from. Something for everyone. My daughter and I always meet there for lunch when we can. I have never had a bad meal and I have been going there for over 30 years. It burned down last year and has reopened this year. They also serve family style if you want it. Not many restaurants do that anymore.