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Jul 5, 2010 09:14 PM

East Coast Pizza in Riverview = great pizza

After hearing some good things about East Coast Pizza (off of Big Bend in Riverview) I decided to give it a try with a friend this past weekend. We were both impressed with what we tasted. Pizza that had a good balance of cheese and sauce (it seems that pizza places in Tampa Bay love drenching tomato sauce in their pizza...not always a good choice). The pepperonis were crispy and just right. It was also affordable only around four dollars for a slice of pizza (which was the equivalent of about 3 Domino's or Pizza Hut slices). The employees were all friendly and they brought our pizza out to us when it was ready. The pizza wasn't too oily, and the crust was nice and crunchy. I'll be back here and would recommend it to others. They also have a rewards program so make sure you sign up for it if you're going to visit. Now if only they delivered...

East Coast Pizza
13340 Lincoln Rd, Riverview, FL 33578

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