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Jul 5, 2010 07:01 PM

paris dining experience topper

I am staying three days in paris this September, and have already booked L'Altier Thursday night, Gordon Ramsay in Versailles Friday night, and I am looking for a topper for my final night, Saturday. I have never been to Paris and am looking to go out with a bang, I see that several of the top restaurants are closed on Saturday nights, and I tried to make a reservation at Guy Savoy, but they are fully booked for my date. I am thinking L'Astrance possibly although I don't speak French and fear calling the restaurant for a reservation. Any suggestions on L'Astrance, and some other ideas for an over the top French feast.

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  1. You are not interested in my side of the street, so I'll just bounce you up top the top and hope someone with refinement notices.

    1. L'Astrance is closed on saturdays.

      1. I am unfamiliar with L'Altier; did you possibly meam Astier or one of the Atelier's(Robuchon, Maitre Albert) which are a different level than Astrance or Guy Savoy.

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          yes i meant robuchons atelier's

        2. Know l sound like a broken record but L'Amis Louis, my one restaurant meal that never fails to delight. Simple and perfect