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Jul 5, 2010 06:49 PM

Sakura in Chinatown--Excellent Meal

We had dinner with guests from Atlanta. We enjoyed it so much, including very nice pacing of the dishes, not slapping down everything at the same moment, as many Chinese restaurants do. Very nice and healthy dishes, not fried or steeped in oil (though of course fried and steeped in oil can be delicious). The best dishes: an appetizer of chicken in wine sauce, very plain and light; soup dumplings or juicy buns, a novelty for our guests; pea shoots (also a novelty for them); fish fillets with Shanghai vegetable qicai--this was really great, so light and perfect for this weather. I don't know what qicai is--can anyone enlighten me? I thought it was cilantro, but others thought it was cilantro plus something else. And eggplant in garlic sauce, also beautifully prepared. The children had sashimi, egg drop soup, eggrolls, and tasted the rest of the food, and they seemed very happy too. Oh--we also had shumai, which they made stuffed with rice, not pork--a nice surprise, but verging on bland, and regular potsticker style dumplings, also good. What a nice place!

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        thanks so much for posting this. I'm still interestied in seeing what qi cai looks like fresh. I looked at some seed company websites and didn't find it, but I'm still hoping.

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          p.s. Sakura is one of my favorite restaurants in philly

        2. i like the soup dumplings there a lot.

          1. I've never heard of Qicai - I think it could be Jiu3 Cai4 - 韭菜 - Garlic Chives....