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Jul 5, 2010 06:46 PM

What to do with leftover duck confit

My friend asked me for suggestions on what to do with some leftover duck confit. She said to keep it simple. I suggested putting it on a slice of baguette topping with smoked gouda and placing it on the grill for a minute. That was all I could come up with - duck is not my strong suit.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

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  1. ??

    I like to put it in arugula salads with some fruit and vinaigrette, but she could keep it for weeks. I'm sure she'll eat it up.

    1. fried rice
      pasta sauce
      finger snack
      on crostini or baguette
      in a salad
      in a soup
      off a loved one

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      1. re: thew

        I love your last suggestion and will pass that one on!

        I think she is a little intimidated. Her dad is a chef and made a very fancy appetizer that contained the duck confit. He left town now and she has a some leftovers in the fridge and it seems wrong to just eat it. She wants to fancy it up a bit and have it with good wine but the 19 steps her dad put into his recipe is not her cup of tea.

      2. How about duck ravioli using wonton skins? Or duck enchiladas. Any recipe that calls for cooked chicken will work and taste fabulous.

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          1. re: zamorski

            Absolutely! Rillettes was just what I was thinking. Infuse it with a little orange and you have the perfect spread over any bread whatsoever.

          2. re: John E.

            I was going to suggest duck wontons..and how about a duck summer roll with fresh vegetables and a dipping sauce, maybe a light vinegar based bbq sauce or some such.