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Best Mustard?

I like mustard on my hot dog, but hate bright yellow French's and the horseradish in the Grey Poupon Dijon is overwhelming. Any recommendations for a mustard that has good flavor but does not overpower the main event?

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  1. do you want to try another yellow mustard that you might like better? or a spicy deli mustard? for the record, Dijon doesn't belong on a hot dog :)

    some good ones:
    - yellow: Annie's Organic (my favorite), Gulden's, Beaver, Plochman's
    - spicy deli/brown: Ba-Tampte (my favorite), Beaver, Kosciusko

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    1. I'm actually a mustard fiend, and adore mustard. Different foods and uses require different mustards.

      For regular yellow mustard, I find that it's hard to be Annie's Natural Yellow (although French's and Gulden's will do in a pinch).

      For honey mustard I like Billy Bee's

      For a deli type mustard, the best in my book is Boar's Head

      For Dijon you have to try Maille ... it's so thick and grainy you have to chew it before swallowing; otherwise you might choke.

      And if you want a hot mustard, try Beer Mustard or Minorcan Mustard, both are very good.

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        Raye's from Maine makes a great yellow mustard. Admiration deli mustard is my favorite brown mustard, but it's hard to come by being a food service brand. I second Boars Head. Gold's is also very good. They produce Nathan's mustard.

      2. I like Hickory Farms sweet hot mustard, mixed with mayo. It goes very well on ham and on corned beef sandwiches.

        1. I'm a Plochman's girl.

          But like you, my boyfriend likes neither the bright yellow stuff nor Grey's, so you might like his go-to's. He uses Koop's Deli mustard, and Heinz Spicy Brown. He seems to use them interchangeably, though he likes to have one of each in the fridge at all times. Heinz also makes a plain yellow that is pretty good, but is difficult (in our area) to find.

          1. I grew up in the Cleveland area so eating Bertman's ballpark mustard is mandatory. Its a dark yellow mustard that is spicy but isn't as hot as a Dijon but its not coarse like guldens.

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              At the risk of starting a Cleveland mustard war, I'll go ahead and say that I use Stadium Mustard on all my hot dogs and it's quite tasty.

            2. I don't know what it is, but the deli mustard at the Costco Food Court is pretty good stuff.

              Maybe I should pack some to-go in a Coke cup like I see people doing with the onions and relish.

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                if you scroll down to the comments at the bottom, someone here says it's Hebrew National:

                try asking at the customer service desk the next time you go - i'll bet they'd tell you what it is...especially if they sell it in the store :)

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                  Whatever it is it goes great on their dogs...Hebrew National or Kirkland with sauerkraut.

              2. Yellow on hot dogs, French's is fine

                For all around I like Kosciusko, a mild brown mustard with a slight sweetness.

                I also used to buy the big crocks of Maille grainy mustard but haven't been able to find it recently now that there are so many kinds on the shelves.