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Jul 5, 2010 06:06 PM

Chill and rewarm fresh pasta?

Can i chill and rewarm home made pasta? I am new to making my own pasta, my first being a four-day long assault on Momofuku ramen. I'm hosting a largish get together tomorrow night for my fiance's employees (large group, inexperienced cook, what could possible go wrong?).

Ive made the pasta dough and it's chilling in th fridge. I'd like to cook the pasta in the morning, chill it, and rewarm it by dipping it in boiling water just before serving.

When I worked in restaurants this was standard operating procedures. That, however, was using packaged, dried noodles. Can I do the same with fresh pasta? Any cautions or precautions?

Also, do I need to temper the dough before I roll it?


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  1. I would not pre-cook homemade fresh pasta because it will not re-heat like they do with pasta in a restaurant (dipping in boiling water). Fresh pasta only requires a few minutes to cook, unlike processed pasta which takes a little more time. Your pasta will stick together...I'd roll it out, cover & refrigerate until it right before serving; it'll help to have the rest of the meal ready so all you have to do is concentrate on the pasta

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      Thanks for the advice. I'll do just that. If I roll and cut this morning, what's the best way to store it for a few hours?