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Jul 5, 2010 05:49 PM

Pastry chef coming to Vancouver

We (hubby and I) are visiting for a week in July form the SF Bay Area. Of course I am in search of great food. I am especially interested in great and innovative pastries and ice cream. I love great crossiants,and danish for breakfast. I love to try imaginative pastries for lunch and dinner.

We are staying near 1st and Wylie near the Cambie Street bridge. Any places we could walk or hop on the skytrain for good coffee and pastry for breakfast?

The list of restaurants we are considering are- lunch and dinner

Japadog, Brioche, Go Fish, Rangoli, Chioppino, Refuel, Blue Water Cafe, Peid a Terre, L' Altro Buca.

Any additions for any places that I should consider for desserts that are outstanding/ I am pretty picky!

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  1. Vancouver does not seem to me to be a big pastry town. I do enjoy Thomas Haas' stuff -- his newish place on Broadway would be near you, and he also makes a mean panini for lunch. I'm also quite fond of the traditional French pastries from Baguette and Co further down Broadway. Nowhere for a really stellar croissant that I know of. My favourite Danishes come from Patisserie LeBeau, though they are better known for their waffles, which I also like, particularly the savoury ones.

    I can't think of a single ice cream I would recommend to a San Franciscan -- I know y'all are serious ice cream eaters. Nothing that can remotely compare to Humphrey Slocombe or BiRite, I'm afeared. If you like soft serve and are going to Victoria, I could recommend a place but otherwise...

    Good coffee is another story. You can do very nicely here if you seek out places like Elysian (one quite near you on Cambie), 49th Parallel on 4th, Wicked on Hemlock... you can even get a Gibraltar at Elysian if you happen to be a fan of the Blue Bottle version :-).

    I like your resto list, except for Blue Water, which underwhelmed at a recent visit. Haven't tried Brioche. You're light on Chinese and Japanese, both of which we do pretty well in these parts.

    Have an awesome visit, I'm sure you'll get other responses but please ask more questions if you are so inclined. Your home board has been awfully good to me and it would be nice to pay it forward a bit :-).

    1. I can not think of one place I would recommend for pastries. I am always disappointed in bakeries. Their treats look good but are sadly lacking.

      For gelato I do like Mum's on Denman Street. And I'd go to the Lift for lunch one day. The food is good and it's just nice to have lunch sitting on the water.

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        I agree that Thomas Haas is the best we have to offer for pastry. In fact 49th Parallel on W. 4th is easily one of the best (and hippest) coffee places in Vancouver and they serve a nice selection of Thomas Haas croissants and other Viennoiserie that they bake on site so two birds with one .......

        You would also do well to make your way to Granville Island which is a nice walk along the seawall from where you are (maybe 30 minutes on a nice day). You'll find excellent coffee at JJ Bean which is a take away stand. Pastry is not quite as good but ask for a warm donut from Lees (morning of course) and you won't be disappointed sitting outside by the water watching the city go by.

        1. Cincin in Robson street for desserts. The pastry chef's Thierry Busset, one of the Marco Pierre White alumnus from Restaurant Marco Pierre White.

          His desserts are pretty good.

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            Speaking of Thierry Busset....he is opening his own patisserie/chocolatiery on Alberni (slated to open in the fall).

          2. Thanks all. I am depending on a friend to help with Asian cuisine which we love! Grayelf, did you see the article about Humprey Slocombe in the NYT this past Sunday? I am not very impressed, but like Bi Rite. There are some good places in the East Bay too. Thanks for the coffee recs too. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful city again and eating well!