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Jul 5, 2010 05:33 PM

Korean Meat

A friend used to go to a korean bbq where she got meat that was sliced but not all the way through and was shaped like a fan. It was already cooked when she got it. Does anyone know what this dish is called? TIA

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  1. Was it beef, do you know?

    1. It's probably kalbi (beef short ribs). It comes in different cuts, but this sounds like the cut I used to eat growing up at home. My mom would buy English cut short ribs and butterfly them before marinating.

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      1. re: Miss Needle

        Saw this done yesterday on Primal Grill, on PBS Create. He first ran the knife along the bone but not all the way through, unfolded like a book, and repeated the butterfly cut two more times. yielding a long narrow strip of meat with the bone at one end.

      2. Yes it is beef, does anyone know where we can get it in the Los Angeles area?

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        1. re: paprkutr

          Any Korean market with an in-house meat cutter should have both the LA cut (a thin strip with three to four oval bones), and the traditional "butterfly" cut.

          1. re: paprkutr

            I really like the butcher counter at the Galleria Grocery Store, on the basement level of the Galleria. It's on the SE corner of Western and Olympic.