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Jul 5, 2010 05:22 PM

Thoughts on a Few Places in Kyoto ?

Would love to get your thoughts on the following places in Kyoto:

(1) Yakitori at Torito and/or Torisei - How are these places for a late night bite after dinner? Is the Gion location of Torisei the only one that's open late (i.e. I believe last order is 1:30am)?

(2) Ramen at Takaraya and/or Dai-ichi Asahi - Which one would you recommend, again for a late night bite?

(3) Wagashi and matcha at Turuya - Has anyone been to the cafe and able to share their experience?

(4) Edogawa and Kokekokko at The Cube, Kyoto Station - Do we need dinner reservations on a weeknight for a party of six? Since they're right by one another, would it be too ambitious to do one right after the other?

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  1. Can anyone provide some input on the questions above? Thanks.

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    1. re: hong_kong_foodie

      In answer to (4), yes, you would always need dinner reservations for a party of six. I believe Edogawa in Kyoto station has gone out of business.

    2. I've not eaten either of those ramen joints, but I've seen them both, and I'd go for Takaraya every time - their "sumashi" bowls look like something you'd want to put in your mouth. Dai-ichi, however, seems to be the local favorite. It looks like a truckstop canteen and is supposedly heavy, greasy and beloved of salarymen. When I went there, one of the punters asked, quite seriously, if I was a Michelin inspector. That's not relevant, but it still makes me laugh. In the end, would you rather eat on Pontocho (Takaraya) or a grotty bridge by Kyoto station (DA)?