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Jul 5, 2010 04:51 PM

Latino's Restaurant deerfield beach

Latino's Restaurant
1754 W Hillsboro Blvd
Btwn Military Trl & NW 17th Ave
(954) 428-7411
I have been there four times twice for breakfast and twice for lunch/dinner. I believe this is an absolute Gem of a find I have been thinking that I would not share with you all but I just would not feel right about that. One I can tell you the food here is as good as any I have has anywhere for this style of south american food. Listed below is what I have had so far
1)Desayuno Latinos frijoles con arroz, arepa con mantequilla y queso, carne a la brasa, huevos al gusto y chocolate. beans and rice, corn cake topped with butter & cheese, grilled steak, eggs and hot chocolate.
2)Desayuno Con Costilla De Cerdo costilla de cerdo frita, arepa con mantequilla y queso, chocolate o cafe. fried pork rib, griddle corn cake topped with butter and cheese. hot chocolate or coffee.
3)Jalea Peruana calamar, pescado, pulpo, langostinos y choros, adobados y empanizados, yuca frita, salsa criolla y cebolla roja finamente picada. fish calamari, octopus, shrimp and mussels seasoned and breaded fried yuca (cassava). peruvian sauce and shredded red onions.
4)Picante De Mariscos conchas, calamar, choros, langostinos almejas y papa picada guisados a fuego lento servido con salsa picante en crema. braised scallops, calamari, shrimp, mussels, clams and diced potatoes in a Peruvian cream sauce.

Not a single bad meal and that's not it the have awesome empanadas and other bakery fair potato beef ball and the like. If you like south American food I do not speak any Spanish/Latin dialects but I would think this is more Colombian style food( I think) I swear you will like it, my fave is number 4 but weekend only for that one I think and any breakfast however you may be to full to actually do any work

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  1. Can it be that none of you hounds have been there yet? Amazing I found this place really a notch above.

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        It is not an ad. You should look at previous poster history before making baseless accusations.

        1. re: restlesstongue

          Wow just five replies on this site and you will judge me......tell ya what go there try the food if you think it sucks I will meet you at your favorite restaurant same type of food and I will by you dinner so we can compare notes. I have to say you should listen to Tpigeon I do not advertise for any place but I have a feeling I have a better set of taste buds than you

      2. I was just at that plaza getting a new pair of glasses - there is also a grocery store called Latino's in that strip mall.
        Will give it a try next weekend when I pick up the glasses.

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          the place is really good smartie you will like it :)

          1. re: pikiliz

            I went there first a few years ago when it was further towards the middle of the mall and more like a cafeteria... (more modern and bigger now) It's a place I always go to when I'm nearby. I really liked the parahuela (sp?) a spicy seafood soup...

        2. We tried Latino's this evening and had a great experience. The tostones were fresh, not frozen. My sirloin steak was cooked perfectly.

          1. I have to be honest, if you all didn't rate it excellent, I'd never try it. That shopping center used to give me the creeps probably because the DMV used to be there lol. I'll have to check it out. Does the menu have translations?

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              The menu has translations and most of the staff are fluent in English. I know what you mean, I live around the corner and was completely blind to that plaza.