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Jul 5, 2010 04:38 PM

Summer eating in Japan

Hi all...

When I have previously been in Japan, I've only been to Japan during the Autumn and Winter. I'm travelling there this time in late August/early September.

One of my Japanese friends who does a lot of fishing suggests that the Anago and Aji are very good eating at this time.

Are there any other dishes/restaurants/ingredients that chowhounders recommend in the hot weather?


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  1. hi!
    since you got some suggestions on fish from a fish lover, i would like to give you some info on fruits because i am a fruits lover.
    during that season, i very much recommend kyoho (grapes) and hakuto (peaches). they are a bit pricy but so tasty. i hope you would try them:)

      1. re: dingaling

        seconded - the food isn't often the best but the atmosphere is well worth it.

        1. re: lost squirrel

          Any specifically that either of you recommend?

          1. re: kersizm

            iv'e only been to one so far believe it or not...its the one near the Yakult's the meiji park area....

            1. re: kersizm

              The Lumine Est Beer Garden in Shinjuku station is doing chicken BBQ this year: <>

              They usually have a nice atmosphere.

        2. Ayu, unagi, uni from Tokushima....

          1. By then sanma should be available- salt-grilled is the regular way to enjoy this oily fish, but it's also quite good as sashimi or sushi.

            As for fruits, by September the Japanese pear season will be underway and those pears are awesome.

            1. If you'll be in Kyoto, you could try hamo. I don't find it very interesting, but it's a special summer thing.

              I agree on the fruits--peaches, cherries if still available, etc. It may be too early for figs, but if you can find some, try them. I love Japanese figs.

              Somen is one of my favourite summer foods. Hiyashi udon, hiyashi soba, etc. are also very common summer dishes.

              And don'f forget stuff like warabimochi, kakigori, and all those delicious summertime treats!

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              1. re: prasantrin

                Yeah, hamo cooked and chilled with plum sauce. It's worth seeing / trying once, especially if you can watch the chef cutting the bones.

                What about unakyu, eel with cucumbers in sauce?