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Jul 5, 2010 03:55 PM

Kitchen renovation - How much does a good range cost??

Starting to think about a kitchen renovation, and most sites for high end gas ranges (Blue Star, Wolf, etc.) don't have prices - they just say to visit a showroom or something like that.

I'd like to know in general what the ballpark prices are in for a 48" gas free standing range -

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Blue Star


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  1. Try Googling the products, don't just look at manufacturer's sites and you'll find plenty of prices. The difficulty in answering your question is your assumption that there's only one product for each manufacturer in that category. Assume a baseline of $4-$5K and it'll go up from there.

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      I know that at least a couple of dealers (AJ Madison, Eurostoves, Select Appliance, and ABT come to mind) post prices online for some products. They may be MSRP but it'd give you an idea. Then buying multiple things from one dealer may give you more negotiating power on the total bill, even from a local bricks & mortar shop.

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        thanks ted, ill take a look.

        1. re: shorts

          You might want to try some discounters and see if they have prior year models available for purchase. Scratch and dent is another way to do it, provided the appliance is not beat to snot.

          And don't forget to look at the available features. You mentioned a gas free standing range but you might find some manufacturers offer gas w/o self cleaning, IR under glass, etc. You can bring down the price by quite a bit if you're willing to forego some bells and whistles. Figure out the options that are most important and work from there (i.e. cooktop related - BTU, simmer capabilities, grill or griddle; oven related - dual fuel, self clean, racks on rollers vs grids, broiler capabilities).

          When I wanted my 30" DCS, I wanted DF. At the time, there were no discounters (it was new) and DF was $5,500. I ended up with all gas, no self cleaning and saved $2,000. Got the cooking power I needed and didn't really sacrifice much. I was able to get the DF a couple years later for $500 LESS than I paid for the AG.

          You just have to shop.

          1. re: Dee S

            I second the scratch'n'dent idea: we just bought a Bosch gas and convection range from the Sears Outlet Centre in Brampton for just over $900 including tax and shipping, and the "scratch" was a wee one down at one side that I had to go looking for. It's 85,000 BTU and works beautifully.
            You do have to look out for the sales, though: we bought ours through a one-day 50% off all stainless steel appliances sale.

    2. Getting ready to redo kitchen also. 4 stores all for the DCS Ranges 48 Inch Natural Gas Range With Griddle By Fisher Paykel - RGT-485GD all at 6800 and some change. Going with Great Indoors because of the Sears service in case of issues.