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Jul 5, 2010 03:52 PM

Best Burger or Shwarma in NYC?

We are coming to NY for a visit again (we're former New Yorkers) and really (REALLY) miss the kosher food places. Can you recommend your favorite glatt kosher place? We are staying in Williamsburg with family so the city is the closest place for us to go to. However, if an awesome shwarma exists in Queens or Bklyn we''ll make the extra effort to go. Thanks for any advice?

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  1. Cafe Classico and Wolf and Lamb, both in midtown, have the best burgers, I believe.

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      I've never had their burgers but their food is otherwise great: Gottleib's in Willy.

    2. Prime Grill has some great burgers on their lunch menu - I'm partial to the porcini burger and the waguy sliders. I also really like kosher deluxe's shwarma.

      1. I like the shawarma (and the falafel!) at Golan, in Washington Heights. It mostly caters to YU students and isn't the slightest bit fancy, but the food is really good.

        1. Shwarma: Pita Off the Grill, on E 2nd St just off Ave P. (F train)
          Famous Pita, cnr Coney Island & Newkirk Aves (B/Q train or B68/ B8 bus)
          Olympic Pita, Coney Island Av btwn J & K. (Q train or B68/B6/B11 bus)

          Burger: Burgers Bar, Coney Island Av btwen O & P (B68 bus)

          Tell me where in WIlly you're staying and I'll give you public transport directions :-)

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            My burger vote goes to Clubhouse Cafe.

            1. re: Kosher Critic

              So i hear, but I've never been there because of the problem with the Le Marais hechsher.

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                where is the clubhouse cafe? and what problems with the mashgiach?

                1. re: ravenport

                  Clubhouse Cafe is at 155 West 46th Street, between 6th and 7th Aves. It is under the OU. There were issues several years ago with Le Marais, which is across the street and has the same owner. Do a google search for it. A mashgiach accused Le Marais of taking certain improprieties. The OU never pulled its certification.

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                    I have spoken w/ the mashgiach at Clubhouse and have no reservations about eating there. BTW, to be consistent, if one believed there were an issue one would need to avoid all OU items (which I know some do to a degree). Top notch burgers! Maybe I will have one next week :)

                  2. re: ravenport

                    The chef has a long history of problems. And the owner values the chef more than the hechsher, and is perfectly willing to lose the hechsher rather than the chef. He lost the OK rather than fire the chef, so he went to the OU. Then the OU mashgiach (R Yitzchak Biton, who is an extremely trustworthy person) said he caught the chef deliberately making the food treif, but the OU ignored his warnings so he resigned and went public. If I were the new OU mashgiach and I saw something untoward I'd be hesitant to report it unless I was 110% sure, because I could not be confident that the OU would back me up. It seems they value the money from the restaurant too much. So I haven't been there since then, and I haven't been to the owner's new place either because the same consideration applies.

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                  I should have added Carlos & Gabby for burgers.

                3. I'm a big fan of this small clean ~30 seat VHQ place in Rego Park.
                  under $10 you get a Shwarma on fresh lafa, fresh cut chips, and small Israeli salad bar.
                  you can even watch Israeli satellite TV while you fress.
                  they have kebabs & burgers too, but I go for the Shwarma.

                  a larger nicer place with great bargain priced mediteranian meat dishes is;
                  Hapina has an affordable "Jerusalem" lafa wrap, which is cubed meat with
                  Shwarma seasoning and Falafel style salad fillings, which I always order,
                  and it includes a wide assortment unlimited salad bar for just over $10.

                  sorry I can't help much with Burgers - food wise, I consider them too boring.

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                  1. re: Joe Berger

                    Falafel Kitchen and Piyaz (same ownership) in Hillcrest has excellent 100% lamb schwarma.