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Jul 5, 2010 03:33 PM

Best Food Walking Tour?

Hey Hounds,

Coming to Chicago for the first time in about 10 years - and was thinking of doing a "food/culinary walking tour". Great food and a chance to see, discover a great neighborhood.

What's the best? Who's done one?


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  1. This topic discusses some of the available tours:

    As another alternative, have you considered a "design it yourself tour"? You could choose a neighborhood (such as the ones discussed at ) and design your own tour. I can easily imagine doing this. For example, you could do a "Central Street Evanston food tour" by going to Great Harvest Bread, Foodstuffs, Tag's Bakery, and the Spice House. Or a "Clark Street Andersonville food tour" by starting at M. Henry for breakfast, then hitting Pasticceria Natalina and Swedish Bakery, and if you're not there too early, Hopleaf. Same thing for so many Chicago food neighborhoods - figure out what's in the neighborhood (often along one main street) and walk along hitting the stops you're interested in. Or, you could choose a theme (e.g. pastry shops, chocolatiers, coffee shops, cheese shops, whatever) and find where several are located, and walk around that neighborhood. (I mentioned some of these in the topic on food tours, see link above.)

    1. A good route is Devon Ave, on the North Side of the city ... from Broadway on the East to Kedzie Ave. on the West. Cuisines: Kosher, Indian, Pakistan, Georgian, Hispanic ... food shops, fruit stores, pastry shops, bakeries, restaurants ... just about anything you'd look for in the way of food. A great route for chowhounds.

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        For Viertnamese restaurants and stores, Argyle street and the surrounding area is the place to go. The area along Kedzie Ave from Irving Park up to Lawrence has dozens of Lebanese, Assyrian and other "middle eastern" restaurants, bakeries and food stores.

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        1. Another for the list, to consider:

          Devon Ave., from Broadway to Kedzie Ave. - Urban, Cuban, Indo-Pak, Georgian, Kosher, others ... it's a cornucopia of scents, tastes and people-watching. Supermarkets as well as restaurants and other stores.

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            You posted the same thing on July 5, three posts above this one. :)

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              Now, that's the second sign of impending .... I forget! And, I forgot. Thanks.

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                I did the same darn thing. Just last week. I think. Maybe it wasn't me after all. Oh, well.

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