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Jul 5, 2010 02:23 PM

Austin Trip Report (long) : La Condesa, Sol Y Luna, Franklin BBQ, Lambert’s, Trio, Threadgills

Ate pretty well during my long weekend in Austin with girlfriends – I am humbled to say that my better meals were all at restaurants that I had no part in choosing. The two that I had the greatest hopes for – Franklin BBQ and Threadgills – disappointed, while the more chi-chi places chosen by my friend exceeded expectations.

La Condesa – my favorite dishes here were the tinga nachos, the chipotle and almond guacamole, and the seafood fideo, which had enormous, sweet prawns, and an addictive, creamy sauce. We fared less well with the hongos huaraches, which were too hard for my liking, and tasted mostly of truffle oil, and the camarones taquitos, which didn’t taste very fresh.

Sol Y Luna – this was recommended to me as the closest place to my hotel with decent breakfast tacos – I had a potato and chorizo, and a machacado con huevo – I thought they were ok, but the flour tortillas were a bit too flimsy to hold up to the hearty filling. I had plans to try El Chilito later in the weekend but never made it.

Franklin BBQ – this was the one place I had really looked forward to, and it was a big disappointment. When I was in San Antonio earlier this year, I had brisket that redefined what I thought BBQ could be, and I was looking forward to recreating that experience here. The brisket was good, but not wait in the blazing sun for 1+ hours good – it didn’t have the depth of flavor or the luxurious texture I’d been dreaming of. I will say that the pulled pork was the best I’ve ever had, and potato salad was excellent. Alas, I didn’t get on line until 11:30, and by the time it was my turn, they were out of ribs. I did manage to get one link, which was good.

Lambert’s – this was my favorite meal of the weekend. Fantastic shrimp and grits, with giant prawns, sweet and charred from the grill (this was a great weekend for me and prawns), the grits spiked with jalapeno butter. My table swooned over the ranch-style beans with brisket ends, the deviled eggs, and the green chili queso (a much better use of Velveeta than the so-so mac and cheese).

Trio had a very good AYCE $50 pp brunch. Standouts for me were the high-quality carving station, the perfect, light little pancakes (I’m very sensitive to alum, and these tasted alum-free), excellent opera cake and passion fruit mousse. The seafood display looked impressive (crab claws, seared tuna, mussels with aioli) but didn’t taste as fresh as I’d hoped. The fresh fruit was of much higher quality than pretty much every other buffet I’ve been to.

We also went to Trio for dinner - I was disappointed that they were out of dry-aged NY strip (31d), couldn’t convince anyone to split a dry-aged porterhouse with me, and had to settle for a wet-aged strip loin (28d). It was perfectly cooked, but wet-aged just doesn’t have the flavor I was looking for. Overall, though it was a good meal.

Threadgills – we have a few CFS-obsessed hounds on the Bay Area Board, and I was looking forward to calibrating my CFS scale in Texas. I did a quick search and Threadgills came up a number of times, so I made it my last meal in Austin before leaving for the airport. The cream gravy was good, but the CFS was thicker than I expected, and the breading fell off (I like my CFS pounded schnitzel-thin. Don’t know what’s considered “authentic”, but having had CFS in both styles, I definitely prefer the super-thin ones).

So, overall, a good trip – I didn’t have the chance to really explore the food truck culture Austin’s known for, but I don’t think I would have been able to really appreciate it in the blazing heat. If I ever get the chance to come back during a more temperate season, I’ll make trucks a priority (and Lockhart too – I couldn’t get anyone to make the pilgrimage with me this time).

Lamberts Downtown Barbeque
401 West 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78701

98 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin, TX 78701

Threadgills Restaurant
301 W Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78704

El Sol Y La Luna
600 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

La Condesa
400-A W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701

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  1. Thanks for the post. You reviewed a couple of places that I've wanted to try but haven't made time for and now may go out of my way for (Lamberts and TRIO brunch). I'm wondering if you would mind posting on the Texas board about the San Antonio BBQ experience that you mentioned in your Franklin review?


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    1. re: Rene

      Here's my San Antonio trip report - the place that blew me away was Two Bros.

      I hadn't done any research on Lambert's prior to going, so when I got back, I searched on it out of curiosity... looks like my gut instinct to go for non-BBQ items there was a good one. I saw a lot of negative reviews on their BBQ (grilled prawns are another story).

      1. re: daveena

        I'll be in San Antonio and Austin this weekend. If I remember right I actually replied on your post for Two Brothers when I was last in San Antonio!

        Anyways, I definitely plan to stop by Franklin BBQ. What would be the best time to get in line when they open on sunday? I have been to Snow's in Lexington before, so should I expect similar lines, or more people?

        1. re: air

          I'd get there at 10:30 or so. Last time I went, I got there at 10:25 and no one was there. Got back at 10:45 and I was 25 people deep.....

          Just one data point, though.

          1. re: air

            Hey, that's right! Nice to see you again :)

            I got there at 11:30 - the line didn't actually look that long to me, but it moved reaaaaallly slowly. The reports I'd read prior to going agreed wtih rudeboy to get there around 10:30 - I tried, but had trouble rounding up my friends to leave that early.

            1. re: air

              I'd get there before 11. A good rule of thumb on the line - if it's to the end of the canopy you'll wait around 45 minutes. If you get there at 10:30, you'll still be waiting a minimum of 30 minutes, but at least it'll be that much cooler on the tarmac.

              1. re: amysuehere

                Thanks everyone. And daveena if you ever stop through Dallas, give us a shout!

        2. Thanks for the great report!

          1. Great reviews, Daveena! Glad to hear our humble little town can impress a Bay area 'hound. Next time you're on this coast, you should definitely make it out to Lockhart (or Taylor, or Lexington) -- I think you'll find it quite to your liking.
            As for the Threadgill's CFS, don't feel bad about not thinking much of it: We've been steering tourists to that place for years, even though we all know that the quality fell off long ago. Next time, you might try the schnitzel at Fabi & Rosi. I know it's not technically the same thing, but it is certainly a good substitute for a CFS, and frankly, I don't have a better recommendation in town right now.