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Jul 5, 2010 01:57 PM

Cheap lobster in Rockport, Camden, or Rockland?

I'll be taking a weekend trip for Lobsterfest in Rockland, ME, but just ran across some negative reviews of the festival.. (mostly that there was no diversity in Lobster dishes, and that the lobsters were a ripoff at $15/lb). Are there any inexpensive restaurants, shacks, or hole in the walls you chowhounds would recommend?


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  1. Our favorite shack is Waterman's Beach near Rockland (sorry, can never remember the town it's in but it's a nice drive). Bring hat and sunglasses if you pick a picnic table near the water. This won't be cheap lobster but we've always thought it was the best.

    You can also peruse the local papers for local benefit lobster suppers. Some may require advance tickets but last year we were able to drop by a benefit supper for a volunteer fire department. I think the price was $17.95 for lobster, choice of mussels or crab, chips, roll, cole slaw. Pie, if you wanted it, was extra. DH went after a second lobster which was priced by itself for those who wanted a second helping.

    Absolute cheapest lobster will probably be at a supermarket that will steam it for you - look for Shaw's, Market Basket, or Hannaford chains. They might not be the tastiest since they may have been in the tank for awhile. You'll have to bring your own butter melting equipment, metal crackers, etc.

    Market Basket
    RR 1, Rockland, ME 04841

    1. Lobster prices are usually at their all time high during lobster festival. Still, lobster is a special thing, it isn't easy to harvest and I don't think anybody is getting rich on it. All the lobsterman that did well in years past are now living on their savings - if they were smart enough to save. Eating lobster in Maine is all about the incredible freshness and beautiful location. Don't ruin the experience by worrying too much about the cost.

      Lobster docks/shacks:

      Waterman's Beach, off route 73, South Thomaston
      Miller's Lobster, off route 73, Spruce Head
      Cod End, off route 131, Tenant's Harbour

      1. cook your own lobster if going around $4.50 at the road side vendors....just an FYI

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