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Jul 5, 2010 01:56 PM

LOBSTER ROLL - will travel

Hi. We are going to be staying at Moosehead Lake for a week at the end of August. My husband has announced that he won't leave Maine without the world's best lobster roll, and we will travel for it (although I'd like to minimize the distance). We're planning on going to the coast - Bar Harbor, etc.,- for a day, so perhaps that will be lobster roll day? So I ask you...where can we get an outstanding lobster roll not too far from Greenville, ME? For that matter, where can we go for some good casual food in or around Greenville, ME?
Looking forward to hearing your responses.

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  1. Of course, the best lobster is from Maine :) It is much easier to find along the coast (see map of lobster shacks at However, there are places near Greenville for lobster - see this map:

    1. I lived in Grrenville for a few years. Best eats when I was around was the Rod and Reel. don't think they had lobster rolls but made an excellent fried scallop roll. Very good haddock chowder too. would be my #2 with lobster bisque that was good. I would stay away from the Black Frog except for cocktails.

      For a nice day drive (in the woods dirt road) up the west side of Moose head go and visit Pittstion Farm for lunch. Very nice drive though the north Maine will need to pay a small toll go get in the woods roads. Should be ok for cars that time of year & you can ask at the gate.....may a 45 minute to an hour drive....nice river's all around the farm for pictures and such.

      Thats really about it....there is not much "around" Greenville thats why you go to Greenville.

      Black Frog
      Pritham Ave, Greenville, ME 04441