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Jul 5, 2010 12:47 PM

Korean Village Restaurant has moved to new location

The restaurant is now located in what I call it the Korean complex, next to Community Foods. It's around 13 ST and 10 AVE SW. Address is: 22, 1324 10th Ave SW
Calgary, AB (403) 228-1120.

They took over the spot that used to house another Korean restaurant "Sorabol"? I can't remember. The location is bigger, better air ventilation. I can see many Korean bbqs in the future as they have the special bbq tables. Lots of Koreans frequent the restaurant so you know it's authentic Korean food.

I can't believe my ears when my sister saw the restaurant when we drove past. Turned around and stopped for a bite to eat.

Dogani Tang - creamy beef bone broth soup with many chunks of tender tendon comes with a bowl of rice, Seafood Pajeon-seafood pancake with spicy chili sauce, Mandoo with spicy chili sauce and Dolsot Bibimbap- the hot stone bowl of rice, pork, vegetables and a raw egg - we have found you again! We thought we'd lost Korean Village forever!

We will be back for more!

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  1. Did they take over the spot that used to be Dae Jang Geum? Before DJG, I think it used to be called Royal Seoul...

    This is great news! I hope they still have the cold noodle salad with apples... perfect for the summer.

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      Yup, that's the one! I noticed on their paper placemats the restaurant is called "Korean Village Restauran/Dae Jang Geum."

      The menu is still the same from before. i didn't see the cold noodle salad with apples but that sounds good for the summer!

      1. re: miss.foodie

        Yup, it was Royal Seoul at first. Very expensive place, but the food was very authentic. I'm glad Korean Village is still around as they have great chajangmyun.

        I still really wish there was a soon tofu place in Calgary.

        1. re: Shazam

          What about that new Maru, where Soba Ten used to be? Lunch menu is overflowing with tofu...

          1. re: Shazam

            As John noted Maru's specialty is soon tofu.

                1. re: Harju

                  Is that their specialty? A few places have sold it, but it's usually as an afterthought.

        2. Yay! Thanks for the update. I was wondering what happened.

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          1. re: alau2

            You're welcome! Glad I could update everyone!!

          2. Thanks for the report. Wonder if it is still run by the same people - the younger woman who worked there used to 'scold' us every time we went because she thought we were ordering too much food. She was quite a character!

            Glad to hear that they are back.

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            1. re: Fid

              I think I know which woman you are talking about. Yes, the same people still run Korean Village.

            2. Another neat thing they have is that at the end of your meal, they will bring you a cool sweet dessert drink made from rice. I love it especially after a spicy meal at Koren Village.