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Jul 5, 2010 12:33 PM

ISO Beef Wellington

I'm the type of person who frequents the greenmarket to figure out what is for dinner or lunch that day. I prefer my salmon wild-caught, MSC-certified and cooked rare. I felt a twinge of guilt on eating blue fin tuna, but since it came with the omakase order, it seemed rude not to eat it. I will, also 99 times out of 100 always order a rib eye in favor of a filet mignon. WD-50 is one of the top restaurants I have had the pleasure to visit in the last year.

And, yet the idea of eating a beef wellington seems to strike at my funny bone. (Also, I do think liver or foie gras atop beef, how bad could that be?) So, where to go for the best beef wellington out there? Also, I know One If By Land... serves it, but that place is just TOO historic for my taste, and I'm not keen on the rest of the menu offerings.

Thanks in advance!

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    Dylan Prime seems like the best bet to me from the list from Menupages.

    Dylan Prime
    62 Laight Street, New York, NY 10013

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    1. re: bookhound

      Thanks for the thought - but I was specifically interested in feedback from 'hounders who have tried beef wellingtons in various restaurants.

      1. re: susiederkins

        You are not going to find that, I'm afraid, as the dish is served almost nowhere in the city. The only place which I know serves it is One If By Land, where it's a specialty. I see Dylan Prime has "miniature" beef Wellingtons on its appetizer menu, which sounds like a beef version of pigs in a blanket - whether there's any foie in there, who knows?

        I am afraid you probably have just the one option.

    2. Harry's steakhouse in the financial district does a Beef Wellington lunch special on Wednesdays that is very good.