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Jul 5, 2010 11:55 AM

3 nights in Rome - restaurant recommendation

Hello - thrilled to have discovered Chowhound! We will be in Rome for 3 nights in late July and want to enjoy great food. We are staying at Hotel Ponte Sisto, so nearby places preferred, but we can travel. Here is what we are looking for:

Night 1 - we'll be jet-lagged so looking for light, quick meal. Looking at Roscioli.

Night 2 - modern Italian. Looking at Ditirambo, Antico Arco, Glass Hostaria.

Night 3 - more traditional Italian. Looking at Armando al Pantheon, Cud de Sac.

Would love comments on these and other options. Don't want anything too formal.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!

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  1. Night 1-L'Angolo Divino has excellent food and I much prefer it to Roscioli, which i find ridiculously overrated and unjustly overpriced.

    Night 2-Antico Arco all the way. Ditirambo is nothing special and I havent been to Glass but I have heard very bad things

    Night 3-Neither. Why not check out Le Mani in Pasta or Roma Sparita, both across the river from your hotel.

    If i were you id work in pizza, too. Da Remo in Testaccio is where its at. Dinner only, closed Sun.

    1. 1. One of the rare cases where I don't agree with Katie. I love Roscioli, think they use great quality products and have lovely preparations, though I would also not recommend it unconditionally. Stay away from Roman classics that the staff might try to steer you to, go for antipasti (and I don't mean just salumi and cheeses, but anything they have under antipasti and also anything crudo di pesce type), stick to fish-y pasta if you want any pasta at all, and get meat as a secondo, at least the tartar. Wine list is one of the best in Rome and ridiculously reasonably priced.
      2. Antico Arco or if you are willing to really travel (by metro A) Giuda Ballerino.
      3. Both of Katie's suggestions or La Campana a bit further north than your hotel or Danilo (further away).
      agree with the pizza, too!

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        I cant improve upon the selections, but I would encourage you to have your main meal at lunch on at least one day - probably your traditional Roman day. It can be very nice to be in a restful, cool place for a leisurely lunch during the hot hours of the day, when most stores and many attractions will be closed anyway.