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Jul 5, 2010 11:44 AM

Staying in St Petes, looking for top chow places to eat at ?

We will have kids in tow so we are not looking for fine dining but not fastfood chain restaurants. We like good people watching atmosphere so patios are nice. We will be looking for dinner requests and happy hour places are good too.

We will have a kitchen at our hotel so even a take out lunch one day would be great .

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    1. We visited a few months ago, went to Agave for mexican on a chowhound recommendation. So good, we went two days in a row! (casual, the dining area is small and feels homey. friendly service) Reasonably priced, with good margaritas. Would have driven right by it if it weren't for fellow chowhounders. If you go, check out the mole sauce, it's got a kick!

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        I read about the Agave on Trip Advisor.. Sounded familiar as i thought there was in San Diego as well but probably not the same place.. We LOVE mexican.

        Staying at the Sirata Beach resort.

      2. Agave is not to be missed. Sea Critters on Pass-A-Grille has outstanding smoked fish spread and good local seafood. You might also search the board for other recommendations. Enjoy your trip!

        Sea Critters Cafe
        2007 Pass A Grille Way, St Pete Beach, FL 33706

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          I had searched the board but since Florida is all one I didnt see much in the way of St Petes area after pages of looking. So i posted this one.

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            Try searching for St. Petersburg. You'll find lots of stuff. No such thing as St. Petes.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Villa Gallace Gulf Blvd Indian Rocks Shores 9.95 up

            Los Mariachio's Gulf Blvd Indian Rocks Shores
            4.95 up
            Salt Rock Grill I Gulf Blvd ndian Rocks Beach from 10.00 and up

            Cottage Cafe of Largo-- Open Wed- Sun 8-3 Serving breakfast and Lunch its an old antique house with Resturant combined 727 581-3663 Just off of West Bay Drive, and 1st Street SW from 7.95 up

            Faith in Angels Tea house 7301 1st Ave So. St. Pete 727 345-1873 from 5.00 and up
            Great little tea house open during the day ask for specials and teas they use the finest Harney and Sons tea. DeAnn is a wonderful chef, Suzanne and Linda both work hard at this tea house

            PJ's Seafood on Indian Rocks Road Chicken wings, lobster great prices open for lunch and dinner 3.95 up

            Jimmy Iguanas At the Holiday Inn Indian Rocks Road Indian Shores From 4.95 and up

            Marlin Darlin from 10.00 and up for entire meal... open after 4:30 m-friday Sat 5-pm-11
            West Bay Drive, just off of Indian Rocks Road----- Bellair

            E& E Steak Out, Same place around the corner of Marlin Darlin

            Cody's Steak House Across the street from Marlin Darlin- Bellair

            Also for those who cook at home Surf and Turf great thick steaks and best Chicken ever all natural no fillers!

            Bonefish on the same roads at Marlin Darlin Bellair

            IF I find out more I will write more this is the ones we all take family when they are down
            Seafood house

            Salt Rock Grill
            19325 Gulf Blvd, Indian Shores, FL 33785

            Cottage Cafe of Largo
            607 1st Ave SW, Largo, FL 33770

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              thanks so much for taking the time to write the above.. when you say up do you mean this is the minimum price on a menu or a happy hour item?