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Jul 5, 2010 11:31 AM

T-Root like the Burger Doctor calls it. They make great burgers

Twisted Root Burger Company or T-Root if you are a regular is a burger and beer place. When you enter the restaurant I feel right at home. They are all about the important things in life, like burgers and beers. When you are waiting in line many signs, posters and slogans greet you. I liked a few in particular: “I am following the voices in my wife’s head”, so true. Also: “Wife and dog lost. Reward paid for dog”.

This is in the middle of lunch around 11:30 and it is very busy. The line is long and when we get to order it has been 15 minutes. The menu is very varied and most of the items are burgers. They have traditional burgers, exotic meat burger like alligator and venison and specialty burger. My fellow Burger Hunter and I ordered specialty burgers: a Western Burger with onion strings, jalapenos and bacon and a Peppercorn Ranch Bacon Burger (obvious what that one has). We also ordered Curly Fries and drinks.

When you pay you get a card with some celebrity name on and they will announce this name once the order is ready. Our celebrity name was William Wallace.

The wait after the order was not too bad, maybe 6-7 minutes. While you are waiting you get your drinks. Condiments are there right on the table along with napkins etc.

First impression of the burger is that this is a higher end burger. The meat has an incredible good and grilled smell and the ranch on my burger was definitely home made. The burger itself doesn’t look so impressive, but that is because you actually get it “disassembled”. The patty is on the bun with the specialty items your ordered, but the onion, tomato and lettuce is on the side and the top bun is also off. Once you put it all together it is tall enough to be impressive again.
The meat is very tasty. They manage to grill it to perfection and the meat quality is very good. If you buy ground beef and grill it on a pan, you will not be able to get this taste out of the meat. It is very impressive. I ordered my medium and it was exactly that; I like that they are able to do this with so many orders on their hand. The burger is definitely very good and you are still able to walk out of there without feeling like you had a brick.

The fries are good and decent fries: nothing impressive but just above average.

If I had to mention something a little negative it is the initial wait to get to order. 15 minutes is just too long. I am suspecting that they have to make people wait so they can get people out to accommodate the new people coming in, but still.

I will definitely recommend T-Root mostly because of the impressive meat and I think the place must be awesome at night having a burger and a couple of beers (or many if you must). Just get there early.

See all the pictures at

Twisted Root Burger Co
730 E Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75081

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  1. IMO, Twisted Root is completely overrated. My husband calls their meat "knuckle meat" because it's grainy from what I assume is cartilage. It doesn't come close to Wingfields or Angry Dog. I think Twisted Root is all about the hype.

    Angry Dog
    2726 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

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    1. re: jindomommy

      I think their meat has a very nice smell and taste. I like their concept, but I don't think they can beat the smaller independent places like Wingfields.

      1. re: jindomommy

        Saw TRoot on DDD and they said they add bread crumbs to thier meat which I have never heard of. (this ain't meatloaf) and that could be the reason for the graininess.

        1. re: J.R.

          I really think the graininess comes from cartilage. It's very hard. Lots of places used breadcrumbs, but IMO none of the better ones. Angry Dog is just pure beef. Bobby Flay did a throwdown and he had the same comment as you about makes the burger just a mini meatloaf. I like to make mine with pure beef and seasonings and then I'll put a chunk of frozen compound butter in the center. Or I might do a pork and beef mixture to keep it moist. In Miami they do a chorizo beef mixture that is supposedly to die for. And I always use those great buns from eatzi's. The King Hawaiian buns are really good too.

          Angry Dog
          2726 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

      2. Nice review but I have to agree with jindomommy that Twisted Root is overrated. It's is just ok. Angry Dog beats it. Variety is good but overall it is just a fancy burger that just doesnt taste all that great.

        Angry Dog
        2726 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

        1. I tried twisted once in Deep E, once in Roanoke. Both were consistent, but very dry (ordered med-rare) with little flavor. Won't be back. FWIW, I wasn't impressed with my experience at their sister restaurant Cowboy Chow - don't recall details, which might speak to itself.

          Cowboy Chow
          2801 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

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          1. re: CocoaNut

            Despite ordering them medium rare (and I've been around friends who have ordered the same way), they just won't cook them to your order. They will always be pretty close to well done. I think there's even a sign at the store that says they always cook them at least medium-well.

            And I didn't know blatantly pimping your blog was perfectly ok with chowhound's rules...

            1. re: air

              Over multiple visits the only thing I've enjoyed at TR is their chipotle ketchup. Creativity is nice but can't save a mediocre product. The ketchup I'd like to duplicate at home.

              And it's not ok but apparently the moderators are asleep.

              1. re: amokscience

                I love that ketchup too! I've tried to duplicate it to no avail.

              2. re: air

                Yeah, that was news to me as well ... I notice that in the burger-fueled posting frenzy some of the threads don't even have a restaurant name ... hello ...

            2. Not a fan either. Especially hated the everything fried (limp and greasy) platter. The burger was your standard below average hamburger, worse than I make at home.