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Jul 5, 2010 10:28 AM

Lake George

Going biking and rafting in North River, near Lake George. Any suggestions for a dinner place, casual bar to moderately upscale. Ambiance and views a big plus. Much thanks.

Bernard Schneider

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  1. Lake George is like a desert for foodies. Since you mention upscale, you might try some of the restaurants at The Sagamore. You can also take a dinner cruise. It won't be great food, but the views are great.

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      what is it about areas like that? freeport, ny not far from jones beach is like that. someone with a real chef could do so well but everyone settles for what's there because of loaction, location, location, near the water.

      1. re: eatermom

        Agree with eatermom re: desert. Been to The Sagamore and The Inn at Erlowest (right after Dale Miller left).

        You might want to try The Farmhouse (mentioned in these threads):