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Jul 5, 2010 10:27 AM

Where to find pastry flour in Chicago or western suburbs?

I can't seem to find non-whole wheat pastry flour anywhere, including Whole Foods, Jewel, Dominick's, Ultra, Trader Joe's, Valli, Village Market and even Fox and Obel. Is there someplace I'm missing, or should I hit up my local bakery or wait for free shipping at King Arthur? Many thanks.

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  1. In its information on pastry flour, this website - - says:

    "Even well-stocked supermarkets seldom carry more varieties than cake flour, all-purpose flour (9% to 12% protein), and bread flour. If you can't find pastry flour, you can mix you own by combining cake flour and all-purpose flour in a ratio somewhere between two parts cake flour to one part all-purpose and one part cake flour to one part all-purpose."

    1. I believe that Fruitful Yield carries Arrowhead Mills pastry flour. There is one near me in Darien, and a bunch of others scattered around the west burbs.

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      1. re: bourj

        Pretty sure the Arrowhead Mills product is whole wheat. It's a pretty standard product at Whole Foods.

        I've never had any luck finding plain white pastry flour either and have ordered it from King Arthur.

      2. Organic Arrowhead Pastry Flour, I have bought this at Whole Foods as well as Jewel. You need to look in the correct locations.

        Whole Foods near Lincoln Park (on North Ave.) and the Jewel in the South Loop on Roosevelt. I suggest you call before you choose another Jewel or Whole Foods, good luck!

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        1. re: icecream.islife

          Per my other response, Arrowhead is WHOLE GRAIN, not what the original poster is looking for.

        2. Thanks for all the replies. Yeah, I have a couple of bags of the Arrowhead Mills Whole Wheat stuff, because I didn't see the whole wheat part of the label. I'll use it for other stuff. But the regular pastry flour is for a friend who has been looking for it for a while for a specific recipe, so I'll probably order from King Arthur.

          1. Shop & Save carries King Arthurs in Schaumburg, DesPlaines and Niles.