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Jul 5, 2010 09:35 AM

Best place to go for a one off Dim Sum in Vancouver area?

I'm going to Vancouver for a few days in August, I've set aside one day for us to have a dim sum lunch as I love dim sum - I've only have had dim sum in London and I've heard the dim sum in Vancouver is second only to Hong Kong so I want to make sure we go to the best possible place (In London on the off chance it's useful to anyone I recommend Joy King Lau and Leoung's Legends (Taiwanese) both in Chinatown for dim sum).

I realise that some places will do some dishes better and it depends on personal taste but as I said since this is a one off attempt I'd like I suppose to go the most reliably good all round place. No interest in trolleys - and location and price does not really matter since we will have a car if we need to go anywhere out of the way.

Based on initial reading Kirrin seems very popular is that a good bet?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Red Star may be the best place in Vancouver right now. Richmond has a multitude of good dimsum - including The Jade, Viva City, Gingeri, Empire Chinese Cuisine....etc.

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      I think this might be a dumb question, but does Red Star offer Dim Sum during the week as well as the weekends?

    2. thanks, The Jade looks pretty good - will probably go there.

      1. Sun Sui Wah on Main St has good quality dim sum. It's not too greasy either. You gotta have their baked tapioca pudding if you go. Get it early as they run out of it quickly

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        1. Within Vancouver city proper, there's also FLOATA in Chinatown.