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Jul 5, 2010 09:17 AM

boston hound with baby for lunch in city - help!


I'm a Boston hound visiting Philly and will be with my 4 month old. I'm looking to go out for lunch with my brother.

We are staying close to Rittenhouse Square and will be without a car / car seat, so walking distance to restaurants is key.

We're open to all types of food but want to avoid super high end restaurants given our baby.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


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  1. Parc would be my suggestion, it's right on Rittenhouse and is pretty noisy, I don't think a 4-month old would be any problem.

    1. I agree Parc is a good fit, but it's rather pricey for what you get, even at lunch. I think the food is more exciting at Village Whiskey, at the other end of the Square. It's also not cheap, but is manageable if you stick to burgers plus a few shared items (pickled tomatoes + cheese puffs, for instance). Even better, if you can abide a 6-or-so-block walk, might be Zavino, a small, casual, affordable pizza place, who's smartly composed salads and pastas are perhaps even more exciting than the pizzas. Their staff was exceedingly friendly on my visit, which makes me think you'd be very at home with your infant in tow.

        1. Jones is pretty kid-friendly and has a great lunch/brunch menu (don't miss the monkey bread!!). It's at 7th and Chestnut, about 10 blocks from Rittenhouse Square.