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Jul 5, 2010 08:32 AM

Birmingham Wedding info Sister lives in Birmingham and she just started planning her wedding for Sept/Oct 2011. I am helping her plan it. I am looking for suggestions and advice on places that do weddings, halls, caterers,ect. Have any of you been to a wedding that really stands out as having great food? I know I can count on my foodie friends in Bham to help me out with this! Thanks in advance :)

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  1. Are you looking for a place for the wedding/reception versus a shower/rehearsal dinner?

    For catering, we had Kathy G for our wedding:
    I'm also a big fan of this man's cooking:

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      I totally second Kathy G. My cousin had her reception at Kathy's place in Mountain Brook/Crestline area (at least that where I think it's at), and the food was wonderful. It was not a sit-down dinner but heavy hot and cold appetizers. There was such a variety of things to choose from. While the main food offerings were located in a central location, many were kinda scattered around the venue. It almost became a game to find a new display.

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        She did ours at The Club, a similar sort of approach. I mention that just to say she can do it on-site at her place and off-site with equal ease and success.

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        I am mainly looking for a reception place but welcome rehearsal dinner ideas as well. Thanks Big Daddy! Just went on chef Claytons website...I was drooling reading his menus, lol! Kathy G seems to be really popular!

      3. You should give the B&A Warehouse a look. The venue is in the warehouse district, and the food is terrific. I believe they can help with flowers, and photographers too.

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          Great venue and their catering arm is good, too.

        2. Thanks so much for these suggestions. I've heard nothing but good things about Kathy G! B & A Ware house too sounds good too!! Keep em coming :)

          1. Check out the Avon Theater, it's a newer, restored venue in the Lakeview district (near 5 points / UAB) that has open catering rules and a nice feel, can be spruced up well, and not as expensive as some other places.