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Hamburger at Max's Wine Dive

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I searched for comments on the burger at Max's and didn't find too much. We were there Saturday night and split the Strube Ranch Kobe Beef Burger. I really liked this burger. We requested it cooked medium and had the variation with avocado, cotija cheese and habanero salsa. Fantastic! Granted it was a $21 hamburger but like I said, we were able to split it (along with a wedge salad order) and it was plenty. This is the type of burger I have to eat with a knife and fork but the beef was perfectly cooked, very tender and everything on it was flavorful. I really liked the fries as well. They were spiced and crunchy, not greasy at all.

We also shared an order of their Crispy Calamari with everyone at the table. That was very good. The calamari was thick cut and battered with some sort of spicy mesquite flavor. Everyone loved it.

Here are the details on the burger:

Strube Ranch Kobe Beef Burger
17 8 oz. Strube Ranch Texas Wagyu beef burger with Belletoile triple cream brie, house-made pickled jalapeños, local hothouse tomato and organic Bibb lettuce, with Max’s famous frites
Add Maytag Blue cheese and applewood smoked bacon: 4
Add shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions and Gruyere: 4
Add fresh avocado, cotija and habanero salsa: 5
Add Texas Prairie Fire chili: 5

Max's Wine Dive
207 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78701

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  1. Based on the prices you stated for the add-ons to a $17 hamburger, doesn't that total $30?

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      No, the avo, cotija and salsa were an added $5 to a $17 hamburger.